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Infernal Sky is a modded version of "Wasteland Moods Series


Infernal Sky:
Changes the default weather (using ForceWeather) to something more fitting for
a post-apocalypse world. It should work when you start the game,
otherwise use "StartQuest J3XInfernalSkyQuest" to enable it.

It comes in two version; normal and lighter, activate only one.

Special thanks to TheOutbreak for fixing the texture paths, you no longer need to
install some extra textures.

Enables a simple Image Space Modifier that adds Depths of Field to Fallout 3.
Don't run with Infernal Sky as it's included in it.

It works without that you install the textures.


Infernal Sky:
Sometimes will the weather go back to normal, if so type in "StartQuest J3XInfernalSkyQuest"
to turn it on again. It might not work with other weather modifying mods.

None known. - It should work with just about everything.

Feel free to do whatever you want with this mod. - Clone, copy, spread, mutate,
merge, and do whatever you want!

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