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Author: princess_stomper

What It Does

Adds a vault-style home accessible to/from the following locations:
- Rivet City marketplace (vaultside door glows red when market closed)
- Megaton (outside Moira's)
- Canterbury Commons (outside garage)
- Underworld (concourse)
- Paradise Falls (gun shop)
- Tenpenny Towers (outside gate)
by means of discreet wall-mounted terminals - a la cash machines or 'hole in the wall'.

Although the theme is "pink", the style is designed not to overwhelm: the theme is principally carried through carpets and rugs in plain pink, pale rose, and kozyndan's "bunny blossoms" design (modified to tile). The art also appears in wall paintings, though the rest of the vault is kept fairly plain or decorated in a low-key clean vault 101 style.


The vault has a rudimentary quest which may be expanded upon later. The vault is infested with radroaches. One of the roaches contains the password to the terminal in the pool room. Activating 'pest control' on the terminal will remove the roaches (dead or alive!)


- Terminals to/from the Wasteland
- Workbench
- Display shelves. These can be filled with display versions (valueless non-functioning) of unique weapons for those who prefer clutter. The real versions, as you find them in the game, can be stored in the lockers underneath
- Unique bobblehead stand. You can add and remove the bobbleheads you find
- Lockers and shelves. There is significant storage in this vault
- Reading nook with books. Throughout the vault are holotapes of extracts from classic literature
- Guest bed. Extra sleeping space for companion
- Pool table
- Radio


- Toilet with sink and mirror
- Shower with on/off switch
- My First Infirmary
- Medical supplies
- Light switches
- Double bedroom with bunny-blossoms screen
- Twin bedroom
- Trash cans. Respawning containers for ditching unwanted items


- Music alcove with violin (not the Strad!) and sheet music
- Dining area with 3 useable chairs
- Jukebox
- Couch, armchairs, coffee table with TV
- Fireplace (switches on and off)
- Kitchen area and workspace
- Oven. Bake your own mirelurk cakes
- Pretty indoor garden (inaccessible)
- Fridge
- "Worthington's Cupboard" - respawning larder with flour and mirelurk meat for those mirelurk cakes
- Ice Cold Nuka Cola dispenser
- My First Laboratory
- Worthington - your own robot butler. His voice chip is faulty but he can still dispense water, cut your hair, and even repair your items up to 40%!


- Swimming pool. Access/egress via wall-mounted panels. Careful: the water is still radioactive!
- Terminal. Securely locked without the password. This terminal enables/disables Worthington, cleans your house of radroach corpses, and even gives you a set of Worthington's Armor and Assault Rifle - and stores it away again after use.
- Worthington's armor/rifle. Like the KOTN expansion for Oblivion, this will level with the player each time it is replaced back in its storage location. Player receives one of four levelled variants (1-4, 5-9, 10-14 and 15+). On my low-level character, the armor has a DR of 27, ditto the rifle. On my level 25 character, the gun has a DR of 99 and the armor matches the Power Armor at 40. Note: replacing/retaking the equipment will also repair it to 100%. I wanted something that would suit my character "for life", that was better looking than the Power Armor and more powerful than the normal Assault Rifle. The regular Metal Armor and Assault Rifle models are used.
- Static chest of drawers. Presumably where the armor and rifle are kept.

The Wizards Did It.
Still Wizards.



Bethesda Softworks
Kozyndan - ( - "Bunny Blossoms" art, used with permission
TofuDragon7 - mirror texture
Kinguin - script advice

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