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Weapons pack Version 1.0

-This mod adds 8 new weapons which can be bought from the "Arms dealer"
-Arms Dealer is located in Cantenbury Commons garage (see images)
-Each weapon cost 10 pre-war moneys
-First you must pick-up the book on the nearby desk in order to
trigger trading options.(see images)
-All weapons are repairable with spare parts and wrenches

Weapons list
Beretta m92
MP7 A3 Smg
MP7 A3 SD smg
FN Five-Seven
FN Five-Seven SD
M14 Sniper

==Beretta m92== Compiled by Heroin Zero

- Schmung (M92 Beretta)
- Bullet_Head (9mm Bullet)
- SureShot (Compensator)
- FrenchyNeo (Rail System)

- Creeping_Jesus (M92 Beretta)
- Stoke (9mm Bullet)
- SureShot (Compensator)
- FrenchyNeo (Rail System)

RE Skin Edits:
- SureShot

==HK USP pistols== Compiled by Heroin Zero
Pistols meshes and textures:

Authors meshes and textures- LoneWolf, Silvio Dante, Twinke Masta

==MP 7 and MP7 SD== Compiled by Heroin Zero
Model mp7:

Authors of model- Schmung, the_tub

==FN Five-Seven== Compiled by Heroin Zero
Pistol meshes and textures:

Model- TheLama, Twinke Masta

UV- Flamshmizer

Textures- Racer445

5.7x28 Shell-sHiBaN

==M14== Compiled by Heroin Zero
Rifle meshes and textures:

Spezz, Murdock, Twinkie Masta, Snark, Pete

Enron, Murdock, Twinkie Masta, Snark, Kimono.

Scope mesh and textures: Alexscorpions Sniper Gear

the works contained within are free to use with Fallout 3.Permission is hereby granted
to anyone who wishes to include these works in conjunction with a "pack"
under the terms of:

1) any and all contributing authors of each work to be used are credited by name for
their contributions and displayed in plain view within the description of the release
and the Readme.txt accompanying the release.

2) the works contained within are never to be used for profit.

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