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Name: Umpa Dance Animation
Category: Animation
Author(s): Umpa

I'm NOT a 3d animator. I only CONVERT some free mocap animation find on web (Please Not ASK for Weapon Animation or other Animation because I'm not able to make Animation)


Dance Animation for Npc and Your Character

For animations Menu you need:

-The Groovatron by Drayk_Cannon:

For Dance with Monster Suit (Really Funny)

-Monster Costumes by Gorow333


-Some problem on hand (big hand)
-If the Npc walk this not work very well

This Works only in console command:


-Opening the Console: (I hope work in Windows VISTA)
The console is opened with the tilde (~) key; it's left of the 1 key, below the Esc key, and above the Tab key

For NPC:

-Open the console
-Click on Standing Npc for show Reference (Show Name and Code)
-Type Playidle dance01 from 01 to 54
-Type Playidle Apose01 from 01 to 06
-Type Playidle Guitar01 from 01 to 08
-Type Playidle Gym01 from 01 to 03
-Type Playidle Pose01 from 01 to 12
-Type Playidle SmPose01 (only for Super Mutant)

For instrument Animation Playidle Sing or Piano,Drum,Chorist,SingGuitar

For Stop Animation:

-Type the same previous console Command:


Play Animation : Player.PlayIdle dance01
Stop Animation : Player.PlayIdle dance01

For Player Character:

-Remove the weapon
-Type "tfc" in the Console command (move the camera with WASD key)
-Type Player.PlayIdle dance01 or dance02,03,04,05,06 .........

Old Player Method:

-Remove the weapon
-First type "tfc" in the Console command
-Click on Player for show Reference (Your Name and Code)
-Type Playidle dance01 or dance02,03,04,05,06 .........

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Copy files to (install folder)Fallout3Data
3. Start Fallout3 Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the F3UmpaAnimation.esp file(s).

IMPORTANT (I'm not sure on this)

For this to work, you must go into your FALLOUT.ini (located in yourdrive/Documents and Settings/yourname/My Documents/My Games/Fallout3), and change this line

to this

1. Start Fallout3 Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the F3UmpaAnimation.esp file(s).
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.


Known Issues or Bugs

-Big Hand on Some animation
-If the Npc walk this not work very well



-Fixed Harui Dance (Dance53)


-Added Jackson Moves (Dance54)


-Compiled esp With GECK 1.5.019
-Added Thriller Dance (Dance 52)
-Added Harui Dance , Hare Hare Yukai . (Dance 53) This is experiment without great loop
-Fixed Pop Dance (Dance10)

0.4 f

-Fixed loop in dance 22
-Added Classic (dance51)

0.4 e


-Jackson Moves (dance49) - I work hard for this and use various program
-Running Man (dance50) - but Need More fix on arms
-SingRock - In future I hope to add facial animation



-New Breakdance (dance48)
-Rock Animated Pose (Apose06)

0.4 c

-Animated Pose Robot (Apose05)
-Russian 2 (dance46)
-Kool (dance47)

0.4 a,b

-Piano Texure
-Loop in Spin ,Disco 3


-Acoustic Guitar Woodchair



-New Strument Animation:Sing,Guitar03 to 06,Drum,Chorist,SingGuitar,Piano
-3 Gym Animation
-4 Dance Animation (dance41,42,43,44)
-1 Kung Fu Animation Pose (Apose04)


Problem on hand in GuitarPiano Animation - I suggest to use Gloves
No Facial Expression on Sing (if someone can help me )



-10 dance animation: Sexy,Hip Hop,Folk,Night Club,Funny ... (dance30 to dance40)


-Increase Time of All Animation for loop


-1 Animation pose (Apose03)
-4 dance animation (dance27,28,29,30)

0.1 i

-Breack dance
-Shower Animation

0.1 h

-2 Guitar Animation FenderBrich
-5 Dance animation

0.1 g

Rewrite with Geck

0.1 f


- 5 STatic Sexy pose
- 1 Super Mutant Pose (Only for Super Mutant)
- 5 dance Animation

0.1 e

- Added 5 static pose

0.1 c,d


-Animated Pose comand (Apose)
-Static Pose comand (Pose)
-More Seph dance ,Disco Dance

0.1 a,b

Change form Id
Added Kick dance
Added Alizee dance

0.1 Initial release.


Dance - Console command :Dance##

01 Seph01
02 Seph02
03 Seph03
04 Seph04
05 Seph05
06 Alizee Dance (Problem in hand)
07 Disco Dance
08 Caramel
09 Kick Dance
10 Pop Dance
11 Rock
12 Jackson Moves
13 Jackson Moonwalker
14 Disco
15 Disco
16 Slow Dance
17 Slow Dance
18 Spin
19 Disco
20 Sexy
21,22 Swing
23,24 Funny
25 Indian Dance
26 Breack Dance
27 Saturday Night Fever
28 Year 60's
29 Shake
30 Slut Girl
31 Macarena
32 Club
33 Hip Hop 01
34 Hip Hop 02
35 Sin City
36 Belly
37 Gaelic
38 Euro Folk
39 Folk
40 Night Club
41 Round Dance
42 Funky
43 Drunk Dance
44 Crazy Dance
45 Russian
46 Russian 2
47 Kool
48 Breakdance 2
49 Jackson Smooth Criminal (Similar)
50 Running Man
51 Classic
52 Thriller
53 Harui Dance (Hare Hare Yukai)
54 Jakson Moves

Animated Pose - Console command :APose##

Example:Playidle Apose01 or Player.Playidle Apose01

01 Sexy Walk (Problem in Head)
02 Shower
03 Woman Posing
04 Kung Fu
05 Robot
06 Lets Rock Pose

Guitar Animation - Console command :Guitar##

Example:Playidle Guitar01

If the Npc walk this not work very well

01 Fender
02 Brich
03 Zakk Wilde
04 Hello Kitty
05 Xploder
06 FlyingV
07 Acoustic on Wood
08 Acoustic on Chair

Strument Animation - Console command:

Ex:Playidle Piano


Gym Animation - Console command :Gym##

Example:Playidle Gym01


Static Pose - Console command :Pose##

01 Jojo 1 (Problem in handKid - Good with Gloves and Some clothing)
02 Jojo 2
03 Efg 01
04 Efg 03
05 Efg 08
06 Sexy
07 Relax
08 Sexy
09 Sexy
10 Sexy
11 Sexy
12 Sexy

Super Mutant Static Pose - Console Command :SMPose##

01 Yatta

Thanks to:

Bethesda for creating Fallout 3Oblivion
Carnegie Mellon University - For free mocap animation
Carnegie Mellon University Bvh conversion -
Tazpn for kfupdater
Timeslip's for FOMM
SaidenStorm for Help in animation and FOMM
Drayk_Cannon - for The Groovatron
BrettNord for Thriller Mocap
CKemu - For brich guitar mesh
Tweet - For Fender guitar mesh
Corepc - for Oblivion Minstrels of Cryodiil mod (this is the my inspiration for guitar animation)
Backsteppo for Carameldancen and time loop idea
Nifskope Team
Efg,Jojo pose author
jgielkjde for Japanese,Conversion help for Harui dance
Brett for Thriller Dance for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
God for creating us all.

Tools Used
NIFSkope -
TESsnip -
Readme Generator -

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that
you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod.

I am not responsible for any damage to your computer caused by this or any other mod

Anyone who disapprove because their works are included in this package without permission or/and their approval, mail me or PM me, I will remove your files.
If there is any similarity to anyone or/and anyone's works .etc is purely coincidental.

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