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-Underground Hideout V 3-3

AUTHOR: Danthegeek


This Mod adds a Player Vault on the South East end of the Wasteland near Rivet City.
The vault includes all the ammonites including a stocked Armory, Display areas,
Item Sorters, special Weapons, and is Companion Friendly


The entrance is located West of the Rivet City Entrance in the Parking lot with
the crashed planes and wrecked cars.


Add the contents of this file into the
C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data folder
and overwrite all previous files. Activate the "UndergroundHidout" plug-in in FOMM
or Data Files in the Fallout 3 Launch Screen.

I recommend the installation and use of ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated to avoid
any problems with textures.


Uncheck and Delete the Plug in File named "Underground Hideout" from the
C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data folder.


Ammo in Armory may explode with "destructable ammo" mods killing the player when
entering. Fix in progress

May be issues with Mods using the same area as the entrance to the vault.

If any are found, please report them in the comments section and I will fix them.


The Vault includes standard features such as:
Bobble-head Display
Light Switches
Water Purifier
Wonder Meat Maker

Other Features include:

De-Tox(Rads) area at front door: Removes Radiation while you stand under it,
also sounding a bell when all radiation has been removed
Chems Sorter in the Lab
Ammo/Explosives Sorter in The Armory
Materials Sorter in the Armory
Mannequins by AndyW1384
Fish tank by Malo

Special Weapons:
Katanas by necKros
USP by HeroinZero
Silenced Glock by HeroinZero
M4 by metallicalec
Silenced Scoped Hunting Rifle by


If you like the �Katanas� by necKros, please endorse his mod:

If you like the �HK USP� by HeroinZero, please endorse his mod:

If you like the �Glock18c SD� by HeroinZero, please endorse his mod:

If you like the �M4 EOTech� by metallicalec, please endorse his mod:

If you like the �Marksman�s Dream� by Lostinmymind, please endorse his mod:
A Special Thanks to Malo for his wonderful Fish tank mod.

A special thanks to AndyW1384 for his Mannequin Mod. If you like the Mannequins,
you can download his mod giving them more features such as the ability to
hold weapons and set poses.

A special thanks to Coneman for this bathroom mod.

And of course Bethesda for creating FO3 and the GECK.



New Features:
-Harvest Cave Fungus from Bedroom garden
-Terminal now overrides Door during lockdown
-Book Shelf added
-Book sorter in Terminal
-Buy another Telport Device from Terminal (1000 caps)
-Buy Melee weapons from terminal

Bug Fixes
-Fixed game crash when adding teleport device to containers or when it is taken


-Added BBs and BB container to armory
-Changed de-tox area (now both doors have to be closed for the shower to start)
-Fixed a few spelling errors
-Fixed Errors with the terminal ( I think )

V3.0 Regular and DLC version

New Features:
-Can order items
-Control Lights
-Put Hideout in Emergency Lock-Down
-Hidden Weapons for Lock-Down
-Contains Hideout Info
-Sort all items from the terminal

Changes Made:
-Automatic Doors now work for all characters/NPCs and will auatomatically close after 5 seconds
-Bobble Head stand will now display any Bobble Heads you have at megaton or tenpenny
-Teleport Device will now automatically teleport back to the main stand when you drop it.
-Ammo conatainer added for Alien Power Cells


----Please delete any other path version when using the 2.4 patch----

New Features:

Teleporter added behind hidden door.
Changed lighting in mannequin hall for better performance

Bug Fixes:

fixed clipping and disappearing objects
Fixed spiked and brass knuckles on weapons wall
mannequin lighting changed for enhanced performance

V2.2 patch

-Optimization-Should see a huge increase in framerates
-Mannequin Lighting completely overhauled
-Display area brightness slightly increased
-Added roombounds and portals in both areas for increased performance
-Added ability to turn on lights in farm room

V2.1 patch
-Some changes in scripts for optimization.


New features

-Added ability to Change mannequins gender to female or male
-Added Lincoln's Repeater and Lead Pipe to Weapons Wall

V 1.9

New features

-Small hydrochronics farm (Apples, Pears, Carrots, Potatos)
-Expanded Armory
-Expanded Weapons wall (now supports all uniques, melee weapons,
and weapons made from schmatics)
-Entrance moved to the inside of the nearby containment chamber
-Eight more Mannequins added to mannequin hallway
-Player and Companions can now sit on the toilets
-Idle Markers added and updated Nav Mesh

if you have a previous version of this mod installed, any items you added to the weapons
container in the armory will be in the new Small Weapons container in the armory.
You will need to transfer these items to the armory wall to display them. For any armor
added to the Armor container in the previous version, they will be in the new clothing container.

V 1.5

If you have a previous version of this mod installed, remove the items from the two storage
containers that are in the counter top in the bedroom, the refrigerator in the bedroom,
and nuka fridge in the bedroom. If you do not, there is a chance you will loose these items.

New Features

-Food Sorters for food containers in Player Bedroom
-Liquor Sorter for Fridge in Player Bedroom
-Nuka Fridge can now make Nuka Colas Ice Cold
-Plastic Surgeon/Hair Stylist added in the Lab
-Vault locations Map added to Lab
-Seats added to cave bath
-Aquarium updated

V 1.2

New Features:

Vault Radio System added. Picks up GNR and Enclave station
Cave water now restores 10 Health points for every second you swim. Drinking the water
will also restore all crippled limbs.
2 new companion quarters added

Bug Fixes:

Water Purifier fixed and simplified.
Changed Auto Close for Armory door so it will not close until you are about to
leave the display area

-------Terms of Use-------

Change it, mod it, do what you want. Just make sure the authors get credit for there mods.


Some people may see the stocked armory and special weapons as a "cheat" but I am not
forcing anyone to use them. They can simply sit on the shelves and walls as decoration.
I made this home for personal use and felt others may enjoy it too. I had a blast figuring
out the GECK and think it turned out well for my first mod.

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