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Hello and Welcome To Vault 45

!ATTENTION! I Am Looking For Someone To Upload Screenshots Any Willing To Do So Just Upload Them As Soon As You Can !ATTENTION! Thank You

!Note! This Is NOT A PERSONAL VAULT !Note!

Although, I have added a visible Map Marker, Vault 45 is located near andale.

Vault 45 Includes:
-A Unique Main Entrance
-Cave Leading To COG Gear Door
-Complete Reactor Level
-Complete Player Room
-Complete Classroom
-Complete Clinic
-Complete Security Post
-Complete Atrium
-Complete Filter Room
-Complete Overseers Office With Working Tunnel
-(3/4 Finished)Vault Residents Apartments

Inside Player Room*:
-Clean Jukebox(Plays GNR)
-Antique Nuka Cola Fridge
-Clean Oven
-2 Nuka Cola Stools
-Pristine Nuka Cola Vending Machine
-Workbench(with 1 of every schematic and most materials)
-Personal Lab
-Personal Clinic
-personal Terminal and Mainframe
-Well Rested Bed
-Wooden Desk

*In The Non-Player Room Version the
player room is replaced by a ladies
and gentlemens bathroom instead

Extract or drag the ESP(File) into:

XP Users: C:/My Documents/My Games/Fallout 3/Data

Vista Users: C:/Computer/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3/Data

======Future Plans========
-Apartments For Vault Residents
-NPCs (ex: Overseer,Dwellers,Security)

Vault 45 Contains No NPCs At The moments But if you would like to help please scroll down
Vault 45 Is Currently Not Navmeshed But Will Be At Later Dates.

=======Creadits and Legal Stuff========
1.I would like to thank everybody at Bethesda Softworks for making this game monumental and pure fun.

2.I would like to thank all the staff at Fallout 3 Nexus here, LHammonds, Buddah, Dark0ne, AlienSlof, and Bben46 listen you guys make an awsome site keep up the good work!

3.I would like to thank YOU, the downloader for downloading my mod its the only that could keep me making and adding more additions to the mod.

Legal Info - You may use this mod for your own personal use ,but however, do not reupload WITHOUT my permission any reuploading of any kind without my permission will result in IMMEDIATE LEGAL ACTION!

If you would like to help with Navmeshing or NPCs or just plain old level designing please contact me directly on FO3 Nexus.

Right now as I know of there is no bugs if you do find any please pm me as soon as possible.

Thank You For Downloading
Commander 19

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