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No software is ever released without a few issues, and that includes my mod. This is a simple patch that will update Version 7 of my mod, fixing a few issues that I missed in the V7 release. The issues that have been addressed are listed below:

*Blood decal lifetime increase
*Removed the damage to player when they're exhausted, instead you blink a lot.
*Fixed the Talon Company disguise issue.
*Fixed the mine weight issue
*Removed the NVG character model, it not being there is better than it being embedded in your shoulder.
*Fixed turning off needs leaving you with 100 of every player need stat
*Stopped the player from doing his/her business in the middle of a fight.


Drag the "fallout3_reborn_v7.esp" file into your "Fallout 3/Data" folder, and allow it to overwrite the older version of this mod.

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