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Name:The Bunker
Cateogry: Unsure....
Download Links:;114043 (Outdated)

6.Having a problem?
7.version changes/History
8.Contact information
9.Tools Used
11:Special thanks

This mods adds a Bunker not too far away from Raven Rock Filled with lots of ghouls and some quests,
the rest you will have to find out for yourself.

long before the war the Anvale Bunker was just a small insignificant
research and weapon testing facillity having a staff of about a hundred. But when the threat of a nuclear war became clear,
Anvale was chosen to be rebuilt into a self reliant facillity able to house a thousand inhabitants, both civilian and military.

Since SweTek and not Vault-Tec was the company responsible for the reconstruction of Anvale, the Enclave only managed to get a very
limited control over the bunker and its future purpose, and this saved Anvale from ending up the same way as the Vault-tec Vaults did.

But since the Enclave did not want to have anyone outside of their control that could rivalize their power after the war, they decided that the bunker could not be allowed to survive.
so a few days before the war started they sent an operative to neutralize Anvale from within.
And when the Bunker went silent they deemed the mission as a success and destroyed all records of it ever existing.

But what did happen in the bunker? Did the operative really succeed with its mission, or was ther other forces at play?


this mod adds:
24 interior cells: 13 bunker cells, 9 computerized cells and 2 other cells

1 exterior cell:1 computerized cell

Special weapons:
-Blasting Combat Shotgun:
Found on the upper level

-Spitfire (with its own texture):
Found in the main generator

-Spitfire (with original settings):
Found in the testing area

-Fast Shooting 10mm Submachine Gun:
Found on Rowanda

-Blasting Laser Rifle (with its own texture):
Found in the water processing plant

-Fast Shooting Assault Rifle:
Found in the workshop

-p9461 Plasma Rifle (with its own texture):
Found in the Archives

-Tors Hammare (with its own texture):
Found in the living quarters

-44 Magnum of suicide (with its own texture):
Found in the living quarters


All versions of fallout 3 should work but i recommend at the very least Fallout 3 Patch 1.5
and a Good Computer to avoid Lagg


Use the installer to install the mod and change the installers directory if necessary.
An uninstaller will also be added in the installation directory to make the unistallation easier

the directory of the installer should point to: Fallout 3/Data
If directory is changed "/Data"will be added last.

5.Bugs/Issues and Compatibility:

No known Bugs/issues or Compatibility problems so far, Please tell me if any is found.

6.Having a problem:
Having a problem? The first things you can do is:
Run only the bunker to see if it has any Compatibility problems with any other mod
Run the game with lower graphic settings
Run the game in administrative mode
update the game
update your graphic drivers:



the other thing you can do is:
save (anywhere outside of the bunker) -> disable the mod -> save once more -> enable the mod
(Please note that your progress in the bunker and the special things you got from there will probably dissapear)

you can also contact me
(contact information further down)

7.version changes/History:
WARNING:May contain Spoilers

The Bunker V4.8
-Fixed a problem with the navmesh in the Main Generator
-Fixed a problem with the option to open a door in The Living Quarters not working
-Fixed a problem with the storing safe
-Grenadier Rifle is now renamed to Chinese Rifle
-Chinese Infantry is added
-The Computerized missions exteriors are now alot darker, and constantly dark too.
-Chinese Machinegun added
-Improved The navmesh in most parts of the mod
-Wrench, Spatula and Hammer added as weapons
-The Besiged city is added
-Breakable Doors added
-Mao Cola is added
-The Dream is added
-Minor changes made to already existing scripts
-Minor changes made to the sky in the computerized missions

The Bunker V4.7
-Fixed a bug with the Archives interactive training terminal
-Changed the name from "Bunker" to "Anvale" on 2 interiors
-Minor change made to the knife handles texture
-Fast travel is now disabled in the computerized exteriors (Thanks to Drusilla for mentioning it)
-Blasting Laser Rifle new texture added
-P9461 New texture added
-The Doctors outfit is now a bit cleaner
-G3 assault rifle added
-The anvale Guardians are added
-Grunt captains are now Grunt Sergeants and they also have an armor with this rank on it.
-Changes made to the Water Processing Plant
-Improved the fallout shelter in the old cave
-It is now a bit clearer how the Brotherhood of steel could enter The Bunker
-The small offices by the side corridors in the administrative quarters have been replaced
-Mats added to the Main Atrium
-Rusty beds and dirty matrasses removed and clean added.
-Making it a bit clearer how the Workshop creation Works
-Players that cant jump over the broken bridge in the workshop is now aided by a few pipes
-The Computerized levels (also called white dot and communist levels) are taken away from the bunkers main storyline
and instead made into a seperate quest. it can still be accessed from the same place as before.
-Fixed a problem with the Navmesh in the administrative quarters
-The chinese equipment is unlocked after the computerized levels while the other equipment is unloced by doing the mods main quests
-The High Class Living Quarters and the first part of (i think) the final quest is now added
-Minor changes made to the chinese grenadier armor
-A bit more Story added

The Bunker V4.6
-New texture for the Chinese Grenadier Helm
-Scoped grenadier rifle added
-Normalmaps added to some of my own retexturings
-Firetrooper has a unique hat and armor
-Unknown substance is no longer considered as a quest item
-Most bunker specific armors and weapons can now be created in the workshop
-Magnum of suicide unique texture added
-Added 2 Decalised Grunt armors
-Added 6 Decalised Trooper armors and a retextured helm
-Sov power armor texture changed
-Changed the texture for the chinese grenadier helm
-Changed the texture for the chinese assault rifle
-Changed spitfire and chinese assault rifles texture
-Added new magazine texture to the chinese assault rifle, spitfire and the grenadier rifle
-Fixed a bug with the first workshop encounter

The Bunker V4.5
-Pedestal for the main atrium Statue
-The "Smasher" is replaced with "Tors Hammare" (unique texture added)
-Workshop encounter with the unknown changed a bit
-New clean texture for the chinese officer sword
-Resolving a bug in the medical area with the final quest
-Adding a new chinese assault rifle texture.
-Changed a bit of text in the so-far final quest to be less Confusing
-Minor aesthetic changes in the main atrium, Educational and hospital area and the workshop
-Minor change on the chinese commando captain suit texture
-Made some of the doors in the Medical and laboratorial area inaccessible
-Added a new fridge texture
-Dr.Steinmann is in a new place
-The whole male grunt and grenadier armor is now dark green, female version is unchanged
-Some minor encounters added to the educational and hospital area
-Some of the retextured armors can now be created in the workshop for the player to use
-Added a few more enemies to the Computerized level and changed some encounters
-Added the Grenadier Rifle
-Minor changes made to The Red Brigade
-Gunbox in The medical and laboratorial area removed and a locker is added
-Bonesaws and scalpels are now added to fitting enemies as weapons

The Bunker V4.4
-The metal shelves in the administrative quarters are removed and work stations are added
-Minor change to the spitfire
-Chinese captains got new fancy hats, and a bit changed jumpsuits.
-Grunts got new green helmets
-Darker chinese flags
-More chinese soldiers in the computerized trench
-Minor changes to the sov power armor texture
-Fixed a minor bug with margret and the (since v4.3) new adimistrators office
-Changes made to when you will meet certain enemies in the administrative offices
-chinese grenadiers have a new armor
-solving a bug that could make the game crash for some peoples when entering The medical quarters
-Wei-Lu got a new hat
-New interior added in connection with the living quarters
-Solving a bug that was causing problems with the Decontamination Chamber
-The Decontamination Chamber is now on a timer
-New Uniform for the security officers
-More light and some consoles added to the Main Generator
-The Red Brigade Added
-Added a bit more to the final quest
-Added Female Security Officers

The Bunker V4.3
-Resolved bug with the second margret in the administrative quarters
-Fixed bug with flamethrower Commando not being disabled
-Fixed bug with hatches not closing with in the main atrium data storage
-Resolved bug with the unknown man in the workshop running away if being shot at
-More Ambient sound added
-Blasting Laser Rifle Light changed from green to red
-changed Margrets outfit a little more
-minor changes to the p9461 Plasma Rifle
-Engineers and Mechanics can now be both male and female
-Minor changes made to the upper level security station
-Toilets in the workshop are moved and a locker room is added
-Engineers are no longer considered to be evil
-Engineers no longer have "RobCo" written on their backs
-Made the computerized trench mission into a night (darker) mission
-Commander Wei-Lu now have her own uniqe armor
-The amount of books on the lower plane in the archives has been reduced and different types of books has been added
-Added an installer to make the installation and unistallation easier
-The sovjetic music is now playable
-Grunts,Grunt captains and Rowanda now have a changed version of the combat armor
-The Administrators Office in the administrative offices is now improved
-Ghosts no longer uses assault rifles
-The Water Processing Plant has been "improved"
-The Security Officers Now have a new armor

The Bunker V4.1 -> v4.2 (changes that i can remember between these versions)
-More interactive terminals
-3 levels of light instead of 2 on the upper level: no light, red light and ordinary light
-A cave with monsters and raiders added before entering the actual bunker
-Stats changed on most enemies to be more challenging
-Mechanics, Grunts and Troopers have randomized equipment
-Security station added in the garage on the upper level
-Minor improvements made to the various scripts
-A quest added before the "restoring the power" quest
-Blasting combat shotgun moved from the small room it was in before to the security station in the same cell
-Entrence to the small room with pre-war money in the archives uncovered
-Books on the lower plane in the archives now put in the bookcases and canged to pre-war books
-Spitfire unique textures added
-retextured suit added to Margret
-Spawns have been moved to be less visible
-A squad of ambushing soldiers and another margret added to the archives
-A Chinese commando with a flamethrower added to the bombed building
-More Ambient sound added
-A new type of main entrence added
-Added very little story to the security terminal in the living quarters concerning Frank Garvy
-Most enemies in the bunker are no longer considered to be evil

The Bunker V2.9 -> v4.1 (unknown)

8.Contact information:
Having a problem that you cant solve?
Having any ideas of things to improve?
Think you have found any bugs?

Give me a comment or personal message on:

or send a mail to:

9.Tools Used:
(for Retexturing)
Photoshop cs4

(for the mod)


Nothing in this mod is added/removed or changed without my (Carnakts) permission.

11 Special thanks:

pigeon08: The one who made me start retexturing, and the one to give me the suggestion to make the enemies tougher.

Eagle131: the first to give my mod a long and detailed review.

sureshotqxc: For the support he gave me.

Deadmarsh: Gave me a good ammount of constructive criticism

And everyone else that have been giving me constructive criticism

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