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Added or Changed in 0.3.7:
!New! Critical Chance Perk Fix 1.2 by aznmike316
- This plugin fixes Ninja, Laser Commander, Set Lasers for Fun, and Light Touch perks by allowing them to modify your base critical chance before weapon crit multipliers rather than adding X amount regardless of weapon crit multipliers.

!New! Freeside East Gate fix by Papadopoulos
- Restores 3 drunks and 3 bodyguards in Freeside East Gate

!New! Contreras/Keller fix by Blaz
- This Machine wasn't achieved when both worked together
- You could tell Contreras Keller is working with him when Keller was dead

!New! NCR Correctional Facility scout sound fix by delamer (English only, 06.11.2011)
- might say his second line when the subtitles show the first line. From there on he will repeat the second line again when it shows up in the subtitles

!New! Whiteglove society reputation fix by MutantCaveFungus
- Reputation gets doubled
- Any WGS reputation will be set to neutral after first WGS faction armor usage
- Stored reputation for other factions not always restored
- WGS reputation was not transferred into/from another faction armors, if previous armor was not unequipped first- fixed.
- Formal wear now working in the same way as WGS attire. Script attached to Formal wear.

!Update! Burning Campfire 3.0 by sagittarius22
- Adds burning hit
- Adds light effects (fixed by Blaz, so they also get removed when you click on fire two times)

!Update! Nellis Artillery Fix 0.11 by Blaz
- Adds a check for existing savegames
- Changed GetReputation to GetReputationThreshold

!Update! Working Gomorrah Prostitutes - pun intended 0.2 by Yukichigai
- the dialogue option was set to check if the prostitute had at least 50 caps, rather than the player.

! DLC#1 - Dead Money !

!Update! Dead Money - Equipment Fixes 0.5.1 by Yukichigai
- Fixes challenges like Click (the Automatic Rifle) and some internal ''housekeeping'' lists
- Fixes a minor display issue with the In Shining Armor perk

! DLC#4 - Lonesome Road !

!Update! Breathing masks fix by Blaz
- Changed Ulysses' Mask Radiation Resistance back to 50 due to bugfixing only

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