Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Review (PC)

At first I was disappointed cause they turned Fallout in tactical game, but when I installed FOT and played it for a while, I realized that I have a game that deserves a first place in Top 10 Worth A Buy section!

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Every mission is interesting and fun to play. Atmosphere in FOT will get you deeply in the game and you will wonder where you are when you turn your view from the monitor. Sound is also good. The best thing about the sound is that you have a different sound clip for every type of weapon. Every weapon has its own unique sound when you reload or fire from it.

AI is pretty strong. The enemy wont just blindly rush in your trap, they will always try to look for cover first if they can. When you are on the mission, fighting, it really looks like your playing against real opponents and you wont notice that its computer AI your fighting against (most times).

This game has serious bug problems. I had crashes every 5 minutes sometimes. The other bad thing about the game is that graphics, looking from today's standards, are poorly decent. Also you will have problems with path finding in FOT. If there's something blocking the way on your path (house, wall...) your team will in most cases just freeze when you give them a move order. That can be really frustrating cause you are always moving your troops around.

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