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Fort Version 2.0.0
This map was created by TiTan

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Run Game

-Made the Bridge Higher to allow boats to go under
-Road leading down to: harbour has been flatted, less bumpy
Bases are less steap
-Added signs to show you where to get diamnods, ammo and bases
-Replaced big boat by harbour for jeep outside fort
-Removed some sentry posts
-Details added in Fort: Pictures, Plants, Barrels, signs, boxes
-Details added around map: Market area, redone ground
-Added new addition to Harbour which has a boat, capture Point C, Rooms, and other details.
-Added Spectators Cams
-Added DM Spawn Points
-Well hinden or Good Sniper spots has a White Guard on a sign
-Lightining is added to the area in key places
-Added Vegatation around fort and jungle

Hope to come out which newer Version of this map and other maps!
by: TiTan

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