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Author: Otreum

:CATEGORY: What The!?
:DESCRIPTION:The ultra tank is a city/town destroyer built by the APR, the UFLL have scattered througout the land as their faction was shattered due to leader after leader falling to assassination. The ultratank has just come back from a city demolition mission at a nearby city and is returning back to base, however it was called to attack a developing UFLL outpost, so a detour was needed.
The detour was to go through a tight gorge, but the ultratank only just made it out the other side before having a whole assortment of technical problems, most probably due to overheating.
Unfortunately for the APR crew of the ultratank, they have broken down right near a small cave of a rag tag group of UFLL scavengers who hunt for diamonds and other valuables. They were going to hide from the ultra tank, however when they detected diamonds on board. The UFLL scavengers got too greedy for their own good and have decided to attack and try to claim this giant tank and anything on board. This could be a major turning point for the UFLL forces and could be the determining factor for the UFLL to reform once again and become the stronger force.

The map is designed for CTD, however all other game modes are playable on the map.
The UFLL have a small cave area where they are camped out just at the end of a gorge and their outpost looks over the vast deserts of nothingness.
The APR UltraTank is stranded out in the open just outside of the gorge and just past the UFLL outpost. The UFLL have several vehicles with mounted mortars, and a dune buggy for a quick entry/exit vehicle. The UFLL base has no form of defence other than attack.
The APR super tank is heavily fortified at the rear with 2 mounted mortars which will be used to deal with incoming UFLL vehicles from the outpost.
It also has a front gun, which is pretty much useless since nobody would drive there anyway. And 2 side guns up the front of the tank to shoot any vehicles which try to approach the vehicle bay entrance.
Once the UFLL are able to break through the rear defences of the Ultra tank, they really only have to content with actually making it up to the main deck, which is why the UFLL should make good use of snipers to pick off defenders who are looking down on the entry points of the tank.
The APR diamond is up in the control area and battle crew sleeping quarters, and the UFLL diamond is found inside of their cave area.

Enjoy the map, it wasn't really a major attempt to win, but more so just a bit of fun. This originally wasn't even going to be made to be playable, it was just a construction, but now it is what it is :)

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