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Author: avecess

Map Detail Notes

-- Scenario Synapses:

The APR have taken control of the lower West side of the building's exterior. Their fortification of the site has been stalled by the UFLL's infiltration team, which has arrived on the Eastern flank. The UFLL has taken control of the smaller parkade and is now attempting to drive the APR offsite. In response to the attack, the APR has mounted a retaliation outward from the West. Securing the main parking lot to the south is imperative.

-- The Purpose of vehicles:

Each faction has access to one team assigned vehicle. Use them as mobile cover or take them to the enemy. In addition to those vehicles, there is a third, neutral, assult truck in the map, that can grant either side a powerful advantage if utilized properly.

-- Tactical Recon (gameplay tips and info):

**Learn the map, take strategic cover. Don't get caught in choke points or out in the open!
**Cover your team mates! Have their backs when they run out and go on the offensive.
**Make note of ammo locations, use them as bait.
**Explosives are strategically placed. Use them to your advantage.
**Just because you can see your objective doesn't mean it's safe to make a run for it!
**This is a fast paced, intense map. Consequences are a reality for bad decisions!

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