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Title: xxZULUxx

Creator/Author: xxDATAxx(DATA)

Map type/game mode: All

Map size: Large, 12-16 players

Category: Nostalgia

Inspiration/Description: The map "xxZULUxx" is my personal little homage to FC2,
a themed map, with a themed name. I got the idea from the single player campaign,
around the Dogon hut/village areas. I really enjoyed the feel of those areas,
but could not choose which area to try and make a map about, so I combined them into one,
with some multiplayer aspects added to it, and taken into account. Thier are several different
play styles and matches to consider, as well as layout and the over all smoothness(fps).

I feel I acomplished this fairly well, while keeping to the over all theme of my favorite section
of the single player campaign, the Dogon areas. The map is large, and thus a bit more wide spread,
as well as combining a "high ground vs low ground" type of play, to better support multiple game
playing styles. All game modes are included, with Capture the Diamond, Deathmatch, and Uprising
in mind the most.

I aslo mapped for FARCRY, and won 2nd place in the official map making contest with my map
"Typhoon_day"(i was using DATA_FC as my UBI/account name then), and had it featured in a
"unofficial" map pack that every official FARCRY UBI server was running. I went on to help map and
put out a few more map packs, along with several other mappers. I am also a member of the
"Cooter Shooter" clan(.:C\S:.), the majority of which are a group of mappers.

I loved FARCRY, and am very happy to be able to map for FARCRY 2, and enter this contest
through MOD|DB. Thank you very much for the opertunity, and the support for the FC2 mapping

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