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Author: Otreum

A medium/small map located on a floating cube.
All sides of the cube can be traversed, each having a different way of traversing the cube, some sides harder than others.

The top side has a whole bunch of breakable barriers for players to fight amongst and run around, there are also 2 50cal machine guns up top to make things more interesting.

On the sides (it's not a square cube, it's a rectangular cube) are 3 pathways, the top pathway are some pipes laying down horizontally which the player has to jump across, below that is another path with vertical pipes that the player can fall through, below those pipes are wooden walls turned on their side so the standing room on each board is very small and it's easy to fall.
On the bottom of the cube are 2 pit areas to have a shootout in, bullets CAN go through the girders unfortunately, however the damage is not as bad as a bullet hitting the player directly, in between the pits is a gap, and the only way to get across this gap is to walk along the very thing pipe line that zig zags across to the other side.

On the 2 ends are the player bases, this is really just a mess of girders and ladders.

The map is designed for CTD and TDM, I forgot to put DM into this version strangely enough ....
The map will be updated probably within a week or two with some changes such as cover to the diamond stations, wooden planks down the bottom on the sides rather than big chunky wooden walls that are turned sideways, and i'll make the pits down the bottom more bullet proof so that it actually serves more as cover.

Enjoy the map ;)

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