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Author: Otreum

For all who enjoy some DIFFERENT maps, maps that are good, and fun, r6_eagle is hosting and has been hosting his server/s for a while now.
His main server is called "Eagles nest" which can be found in the non ranked servers.
This has an assortment of a few "regulars" maps.
However the server I want to point out to everyone right now is a campaign server.

This campaign server is a combined effort from R6_eagle and myself to bring a WW2 campaign to the table.

This campaign only started 2 days ago, but i'll describe everything below.

Firstly, the maps, and what is planned for the future

The campaign server is a "series" of maps, meaning it is played out in stages, rather than random maps.

So far the current maps (in order) are:
"otreum - d - day"
(Beach landing, incredible fun when server is full and nobody snipes)

The maps to come arent 100% planned yet, they are still being discussed, however I'm thinking the next maps will be (in order).

- Forest trench fight, where there will be a series of trench lines in a linear gameplay style which will need to be taken over, team work and timing will be essential to winning.

- Town bridge crossing, if players have played call of duty, they will probably know where I got the inspiration from (the level where you glide in behind enemy lines)

- Hill base attack, This will be an attack on an enemy base dug into a hill top, im similar fashion to the radar in saving private ryan, and the medal of honor game.

If anybody has more ideas, feel free to share, only I will be working on the maps, so feel free to share ideas, not maps.

Because players would like to attack and then defend, R6 has asked that I make a "team swap" version of every map, so that nobody has to swap teams or shuffle the teams, this means that everyone gets a go at defending and attacking. So if you join the server, please do not shuffle teams or swap teams, you WILL get your turn at either defence or attack ;)
Right now I have asked eagle to play all maps through first without team swap, and once the campaign has ended, the team swap versions start back at the start again.
For example the map order currently is:
- "otreum - d - day" (UFLL attacking, APR defending)
- "beyond the beach - into the townstead" (UFLL attacking, APR defending)
- "Amongst the hedgerows" (UFLL attacking, APR defending)
- "otreum - d - day [team swap]" (UFLL defending, APR attacking)
- "beyond the beach - into the townstead [team swap]" (UFLL defending, APR attacking)
- "Amongst the hedgerows [team swap]" (UFLL defending, APR attacking)
- No sniping of any kind, not even with a dart gun on the beach landing "otreum - d - day" map. There is no need to snipe on this map, and it just ruins the fun for everyone else, play fair and everyone has a good time. Players will be given a warning or 2 if they snipe on the beach landing, after that, they will be banned, unfortunetely R6_eagle is the only one who can ban them in game, but he can't always in the server obviously, which means that players will be banned inside the lobby using the player ban vote.

- Sniping is allowed on every other map, however it is only limited to the single shot rifle, the drugunov and AS50 will result in a BAN. The Drugunov and AS50 are very annoying, as they are both Multi shot rifles, one doing alot of damage, the other killing in 1 shot, this is annoying to other players and can be detrimental to the server, any use of these weapons will result in a warning followed by a ban if the warning was not taken.

- No MGL's allowed, for close combat, they are ok for distant support fire, however if caught using it in close combat, you will face a ban. The same goes for using the normal grenade launcher.

- Please no shuffling of the teams please, there is no need to vote to shuffle teams, only shuffle if the teams are clearly unbalanced (eg: 8vs3)

- Please no skipping of maps unless appropriate.

R6 and I tend to make the rules as we see fit inside the server, if R6 or myself believe you are disrupting the game, we will ban you, please keep the server fun and fresh and follow the rules :)

You all may know that the ubisoft servers crash all the time, so r6_eagle has trouble keeping up with repeatedly re-starting his servers. If you don't see his server for a while, it's most probably because he's asleep and the ubisoft server has crashed, so his server has gone down, don't panic though, as soon as he wakes up, i'm sure he gets the servers back up ASAP.

As previously mentioned, the server has been going for 2 days, and already has 3 maps for it, i'm hoping to achieve a map a day so we can have a full blown campaign within a week or so.

I'm also hoping that if I do a full campaign with at least 5 maps, I can take the workload off r6, and get a server hosted from or something.

Have lots of fun, my online username is otreum2588 (aka Nathan Francis), so check out my maps, I have 2 other popular maps that I will make into a series/campaig called Ultra Tank, and Ultra Tank : Underground.

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