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=================================Neighborhood (Toys in the Hood 01)==================================


FC2 Multiplayer Map, all Gametypes supported
Neighborhood, RV Map rebuilt for Far Cry 2
Author: _Blackbird, Marc.Bluemel1@gmx (dot) de
You can visit and contact me for more Info.


Well this is another map by me, it's called "Neighborhood" or formerly "Toys in the Hood 01".
Why it's also called "Toys in the Hood 01"? Well, I got inspired by a game called "Re-Volt".
It's a little rusty, but it's a classic. It's a racing game, your ride is just an RC Car.
One of the Tracks was called "Toys in the Hood 01", so I took it's basic layout, extendet it and edited it.
This is what came out. A medium sized urban map which looks like a modern residential area.
There is not much cover on the open road, so try to find an alleyway or take cover in one of the gardens.
It has paved roads, sidewalks, many small houses and gardens... fullfilled with grass, bushes, trees...
It looks great at daytime, but also at night, because there are many lights that make a great atmosphere.
Well, what else to say? All gametypes are supported, up to 16 players, 6/6 vehicles and 10/10 ammo crates...
There is a whole bunch of screens to show you the map better than a description.


Place the file "NHood01.fc2map" in ".../My Documents/My Games/Far Cry 2/user maps/".

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Additional Info:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

- Medium-sized mp for up to 16 players.
- All gametypes supported.
- Small part of a town that looks like a real residential area.
- 6/6 vehicles.
- 10/10 ammo crates.
- Inspired by Re-Volt by Acclaim.
- Basic layout extended and edited.
- Paved roads + sidewalks.
- Alleyways and gardens for cover.
- Construction site near APR spawn.
- Known bugs: none yet. If you find one, just report it. E-mail is above.


You may upload it elsewhere, but the original Readme must stay with the file.
You may edit as you want, but remember to give me credit and make sure the original readme stays in the archive.

=================================Neighborhood (Toys in the Hood 01)=================================

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