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Title: Woodland Wonderland
File Name: Woodland Wonderland_nedd_2380905245668420972.fc2map
Gamemodes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Diamond, Uprising
Players: 12-16
Size: Medium
Game: Far Cry 2 v1.03
Date: 28 Dec 2010
Author: nedd (nedd3h)

Set on the Zambezi river near an abandoned work site, Woodland Wonderland is a Far Cry 2 custom multiplayer map. It's primarily made for Uprising but supports all gamemodes. I focused on making the map not too sniper friendly. It's my first attempt at map making and I think the far Cry 2 map editor is a great place to start. It's very user friendly. An excellent piece if software. I've only put ammo supplies in one central point of the map to reduce camping domination at objectives.


To manually install the map, place Woodland Wonderland_nedd_2380905245668420972.fc2map into the following..
C:Documents and SettingsMy DocumentsMy GamesFar Cry 2user mapsdownloads

If a 'user maps' and/or 'downloads' folder isn't there then create them.


nedJUNGLE (beta)
- made basic layout
- full jungle theme

Woodland Wonderland (beta)
- name change
- smoothed edges where land meets water for fast water-to-land access
- replaced some jungle collection systems with woodland
- added planks for faster barge access
- added river/land platform
- removed buggy (from hanger)

Woodland Wonderland (beta2)
- fixed fence alignment
- tidied up (visually) edge of river
- added foliage behind roadblock
- adjusted default time of day for improved objective lighting
- adjusted default weather slightly for better multi texture lighting
- edited roadblock rock area to prevent players from getting over the rocks
- moved gas tank, added containers and adjusted various terrain point for sniper balance
- replaced MK-19 and sandbags with M2 .50 Cal and sandbags on barge

Woodland Wonderland (beta3)
- went back to a more jungle look which drastically reduced sniper play
- created landslide and added warehouse and rail to break up terrain
- moved both diamonds for faster captures
- moved capture point A for gameplay balance
- more terrain adjustment to balance out sniper play
- added more trees and rocks to non-play side of river

Woodland Wonderland (beta4)
- altered terrain to reduce sniper camps
-UFLL spawn
-UFLL diamond location
-capture point C
- again edited roadblock rock area to prevent players from getting over the rocks
- reduced density of grass to most of map
- general map tidy

Woodland Wonderland (beta5)
- edited terrain around capture point A to reduce strong camping spots
- added one buggy per spawn (due to player feedback)
- edited mountain range to look more realistic
- more general map tidy

Woodland Wonderland (beta6)
- more map tidy
- added a Jeep Wrangler at each spawn

Woodland Wonderland
- improved spectator camera locations
- added Occlusion Blocks to improve performance, I gained 10-15fps throughout the map
- final version


Thanks to DaWorFizm - - for asking me to help test his Far Cry 2 maps. This made me curious to have a look at the editor. Before this I'd only ever played the standard maps.

Thanks to the nearly 500 downloads of earlier versions of Woodland Wonderland and the players I observed on my server. This helped me work out gameplay balance. A special thanks to those who provided personal feedback.


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