Far Cry 2 : Exclusive The Boss Trailer

Exclusive The Boss Trailer
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Length: 02:15
Comments: 5
Posted on: 27.10.2008
Genre: Shooter
Available on: PC, PS3, Xbox360
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By Praetorian (SI Core) on Oct 28, 2008
I got it , im playing it , i enjoy every second of it and more from me personaly 10/10, and im sure its gona be the game of the year that is FPS of the year. Im so glad to be a gamer lol ... :)
By Orv (SI Core) on Oct 28, 2008
I'm enjoying this game so far, although I rather miss the deeper tropical setting of Far Cry as well as the enemy-blip radar feature.

One complaint... it takes WAY too many rounds of ammo to successfully dispatch enemies in any difficulty setting. A single headshot will suffice, but you can plan on unloading half a clip to take out baddies with a standard auto.

I know, I know, games have to forgo realism sometimes for the sake of gameplay, but these human targets are as tough to kill as zombies.

It's a small complaint though...
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Oct 28, 2008
Here you go folks. The FPS of the year! They deserved it.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Oct 28, 2008
Still not gonna support Ubi's choice to require activation so I will miss it, but it seems like they have the same problem as with Crysis, enemies really tough to kill! In Crysis I unloaded the AK into a Korean soldier and he still fired back... It is not about realism then, it is about absurdities!

Ahhh, I remember deus Ex, fully upgraded and you could kill off enemies with well aimed shots... *sigh* those were the days ;)
By Orv (SI Core) on Oct 29, 2008
The game is very good so far.
I can't give a fair review, I am only around 12% in due to limited play time and the distraction of other games that I am simultaneously playing.