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An evil and powerful corporation is slowly draining life from the planet in an effort to control the universe. However, a small rebellion, known as AVALANCHE, has vowed to put an end to this destructive plan. You take on the role of Cloud Strife, an ex-soldier of the evil Shinra corporation, who joins AVALANCHE as a selfish mercenary, but becomes much more involved in this mysterious epic of friendship, love, and the battle between good and evil.

Available on: PC PC Rank: 408 / 5,834  | Overall Rank: 425 / 14,226

Game tags: Historic, Fantasy, Third-Person

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Final Fantasy 7 Screenshot
Final Fantasy 7 Screenshot
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Square Enix would "definitely be interested in pursui... (0)
The Final Fantasy series, outside of MMOs, hasn't been visiting the PC space much. There's the occasional HD-remake that strikes out on desktops but major modern instalments have all stuck to console.

That could very likely change, according to Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase. Final Fantasy XIII was built on PC but then later ported, as Square was 'unsure of PC'.
Posted: 19.02.2014 by Technet2k
Rumour: Final Fantasy VII listed for Steam, achieveme... (0)
Square Enix appears to be preparing Final Fantasy VII for Steam release complete with 36 achievements, saving to cloud and online profiles for comparison (bragging) with friends.

There will also be a Character Booster item topping up HP, MP and Gil for when you're in a spot of trouble. It was priced at £7.99 but no date was attached on
Posted: 21.06.2012 by Technet2k
Kitase: If I remake Final Fantasy 7, I'll make change... (0)
Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase states that if Square-Enix decides to remake Final Fantasy VII, he may go George Lucas on the game and make changes to the gameplay mechanics while adding and removing content.
Posted: 29.11.2011 by JonahFalcon
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