FlatOut 2 Review (PC)

Car racing is always a heart pounding and nerve wrecking experience, whether you are in the game or out there as an expectator. Car smashing and drivers flying out of their cars may be fearful if it happens to humans, but of course, when you take part in this smashing and wrecking and winning because of those car crashes, it will definitely be wonderful, if not entirely magnificent. This is what you will feel when you go against seven AI drivers while playing the new version of the popular FlatOut game.

Hit your enemy’s car, and spread its splinters on the ground. You may even make the driver fly out of its window
You may find success in changing your route a bit, but be careful, it may be destructive if you make any mistake

FlatOut 2 promises to bring back the well-loved car racing game where you take part in ensuring harm against those AI drivers going against you. Of course, Bugbear and Vivendi Games do not stop from giving back FlatOut to you, they ensured that the complaints in the initial version will be looked at and give you more excitement in this new version.

FlatOut 2 will start you off with four cars in your garage to take on the seven other drivers on the tracks. However, later on in the game you may be able to unlock having about 34 different car models that will give you the edge among those other drivers.

You will be able to love the feel of the game where you may play like real racing drivers on the track. You will smash other cars; make your opponent fly out of their cars as you crash them on the racing tracks.

Drivers flying out of car windows are downplayed in this version to avoid the comic-like effect. However, if you still feel like seeing your opponent fly high as you crash them, you will still be able to meet this expectation in the mini games.

I may need to tell you that from four mini games in the old version, you can now play 12 mini games that will give you the heart pounding car-wrecking experience.

Of course, crashing cars and smashing opponents on the track may loose its excitement if you use the same car over and over again. Bugbear ensure this will not happen giving you the muscle car that you used in the original version plus some more models that will give you the entertainment of having to go about every challenge there is.

You will choose from variety of model including your ever-loyal muscle car, 4x4 pick up truck, hatchbacks and other sports cars you may ever think of.

You will start of with just four cars on your inventory, but ensure to be able to unlock the other models. You may find about 34 cars available for you
Keep an eye on the road, distractions may put you at a disadvantageous position

You can also create destruction to the opponent cars whatever model they are, destruct them as much as you want in various game modes such as the Career level, Derby, Even and Stunt modes.

Development of this game did not stop from the choice of cars, it will also make you alert all the time because your track is not replete of distraction as well. You will find logs or car debris all over the track and if you are not alert enough, you will hit one and will make your vehicle turn turtle and you would not want this to happen.

Ensure that you keep your eye on the road and continue to destroy your opponent to get the most score as possible. However, you need not be complacent because distractions may slow you down.

Bugbear also promised that they would give you an almost real vehicular handling, which they are able to perfect.

The application of the soundtrack execution however may be fine in some areas of the game but there are parts where soundtrack application may not help in building the excitement a bit. The soundtrack, of course, is something that will not keep me away from FlatOut 2. The game play is wonderful, I love smashing my enemies, and destroying those cars, I have dreamed of having in my entire live. Why not, they are ridden by my opponents.

FlatOut 2 followed the very same concept we loved in the original version and developed those that you find faulty in the original version. This is not to say that the racing experience here is not replete of errors. I may not need to deal on this deeper because I really want you to experience the wonderful game play of FlatOut2. This game kept me awake for long hours playing, and I will not stop you from enjoying this game the same way that I do.

This game is available in many platforms and a functional online support for destruction arenas and rag doll event. Multiplayer modes are also available in most platforms including an 8-player XBOX version with two and four player split screen.

For PS2, you can play with six others warm bodies. I am particularly biased with the online version because of the voice communication available in this game. Eight players whether they are my friends or any other player from all over the planet or the AI drivers, I would surely go after them.

I would Smash them and bring down to pieces their cars. The acceleration, the speed and the presence of distractions and the actual destruction of my enemies are lovable on screen.

You may see your opponent flying out of their car, buckle up to ensure it will not be you flying this high
These models may be wonderful to flaunt, but in this game, you can easily destroy them

Enjoy playing this game alone or with your friends, it is worth your long hours of playing.

Top of game moment:
Well, I love the game in its totality. Especially so when my friends will come by the house, I will surely smash their cars and make sure they fly out of their window as I crash their cars. Of course, this is only on FlatOut 2.