Football Manager 2010, review by herodotus

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SI Herodotus

The Premier Mangement Simulator Regains it's Crown.

The most engaging and addictive football game ever, you can't get more depth than this one. Real Simulation is here.
I've been playing football management games since the old Championship Manager 98/99 or better, since elifoot (quite unknow old DOS game).
Every single year SI Games somehow makes it better. The Database of players, clubs and staff is AMAZING, you can play with a real Chelsea, Milan, or even with a unknow second division team from asia with the same sense of realism.
When I've first saw the new interface I was a bit worried thinking they could ruin a good one and make the same mistakes as Championship Manager or FIFA doesnt, the newe interface and menus are just about right, cleaner and easier to navigate.
The game's low point always were the graphics, but hey, this one isn't about graphics, if you want it, go play FIFA Manager and be happy with the poor engine and depth. The 3D field is good enough and does it job, give you a perfect view of the game. Can't complain since the old games where just a box saying what was happening.
The sound. Not needed at all. Why would you want repetitive mp3 like every game, when you can just turn on winamp or whatever player you have and leave it on the background. But I must say it's a shame to not have personalized crowd chants for at least the biggest teams such as Liverpool, Inter, Bayern ecc.
The gameplay is still the same, offers tactic, trainning and micro-management control like anyone else. With the new tactic system it's now easier to new players understand it, or even people not used to football. You can achieve greatness by exploring the minor details such as which player has liberty to create plays, who makes the throw ins and such.
The game is much better than last year's and for those that think it's too easy, please stop playing with chelsea or real madrid and start at smaller clubs, try out brazilian third division, it'll be fun, i promise.
This game is the best manager out there, well worth it's 39,99.
Posted on 05/19/2010 14:31
9.5 perfect