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Shrouded Worlds 9.01 is a long term and ongoing development based on a unique and evolving storyline which expands on the Nomads Revenge series of mods by the NiMa Esports modding team.

Formerly known as the Nightmare 24/7 server, the NiMa Esports Freelancer server currently hosts the mod.


Based 28 years after the original Freelancer storyline it takes the player into a new and darkening universe. Based on a crumbling Sirius sector Nomads have returned (as described in Nomads Revenge Mods) to have their revenge on humanity. The Shrouded Worlds mod takes this to the next level after a large convoy of people leave Sirius in a new 'Exodus' for the Frontier and the unknown systems beyond it.

Mod Release RP story:

The year is 828 AS and 28 years have passed since the first Nomad invasion.

At that time it was hoped we had pushed back the alien menace forever. With the help of the Order we sought to keep them away from our colonies but it was not to be. Nothing could hold back the threat indefinately. So came the onslaught.

At a time when new systems and factions were being discovered they struck us at our weakest. We had grown ignorant to the fact that they lay virtually on our doorstep.

And so one by one our systems fell. The first to be hit hard at Honshu suffered terribly and nothing could be done to save the millions on that planet.

Leeds was next to be hit and she suffered wave and wave of remorseless attacks. only with the help of the Order and an inter-faction coalition did we manage to stave off the invasion. Again it was to be short lived.

And so the Nomad attack came in full. Many systems were laid open to chaos and ruin.

All the while this was happening, the Order and House governments in secret massed a grand fleet in Cambridge. The destination the new found territories of the Frontier. And so they began the voyage out into the unknown.

They struggled out of Bretonia through waves of Nomad attacks into the Border Worlds and finally the Frontier sector. There were many more adventures along their path into the unknown and out beyond the strange barrier. But that is another story.

This story, the story of Sirius, what was left behind and the dark times that lie ahead is just beginning.

Can the peoples of Sirius unite and save the colonies? Already systems are beginning to fail and hope, it seems, is far away.

Mod features:

New starting location at Los Angeles.
All original Freelancer content remains in game in one form or another.
All systems unlocked.
Improved NPC's.
All original Capital Ships and transports are available to buy and use.
Capital ship loadout's and ratings have been scaled realistically.
New trade routes and commodities.
Dynamic economy in development.
Masses of new ships and equipment.
Over 30 new systems all of high quality with new graphics and starspheres.
Lots of new bases to visit and places to see.
Graphical tweaks including increased LOD's.
Ship handling well balanced.
Multiple thrusters for high speed and exiting combat.
Increased Scan ranges.
Changes to HUD.
New weapons and effects.
Existing weapon tweaks.
Ships well balanced and a wide variety of classes and types are available.
Over 10 new factions.
And much much more - you have to try the game to find it all Wink ;\)

We are also running an evolving storyline with server events which dictate the future changes to mod game universe.

Also the mod is going to implement clan factions and base ownership. This means clans will have a real stake over territory and equipment. This is known as server 'Domination wars'.

We are also proud to host a new auto-mod updater which is nearing its second revision already. This updater will implement mod changes seamlessly and effortlessly.

In additon the mod and server is running with FLAC by Eagleware which protects players from cheating and illegal modding.

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