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The award-winning Discovery modification was designed as a full-scale expansion pack for Freelancer. It breathes new life into the familiar PC game by adding lots of new features without taking away the atmosphere and balance of the original. Discovery allows players to develop and explore far beyond the reaches of unmodded Freelancer, both in multiplayer and in singleplayer modes. The modification adds 63 new systems, 107 new ships, hundreds of new weapons, equipment and commodities, new factions and NPC encounters, and much more - everything seamlessly integrated into Freelancer universe. View distance limitations, 1 billion player credit limit, and 10 million item price limit are all things of the past for Discovery.

In January 2007, Discovery mod was chosen to receive the Simulation Genre Award of's Mod of the Year-2006.

4.83 continues the best traditions of its predecessors with lots of new features to enjoy, including 10 new ships (5 of them are Discovery-exclusive models created by Legeonation, Vaporlynx, and Doom), 4 new and 8 updated systems (many of them clan systems by Dab and Nightfall), dozens of new weapons for fighters and capital ships, armor upgrades for capital ships, new equipment and commodities. Three new factions became part of Discovery with the new release; NPC freelancers can now be seen in many regions of Sirius. Like before, storyline singleplayer is fully supported, and Open SP can be enabled in mod options.


- 107 new pilotable ships of different classes.
- Each new ship carefully customized.
- 63 new systems, including 9 fully populated systems, 30 populated clan systems, Arena system, and many more.
- Numerous new bases both in new and original systems.
- Player credit limit increased to 2 billion; maximum item price increased to 1 billion.
- Unique and simple docking system - large ships can dock everywhere.
- New assignable hotkeys for up/down strafe and selecting subtargets.
- Evolving storyline about the war between Kusari and Bretonia, and about the pirate war between Corsairs and Outcasts.
- View range increased - you'll see stations, ships, trade lanes from a longer distance (can be changed in mod options).
- Numerous new factions, including 30 guardian factions, Freelancer faction, and more.
- Many dozens of balanced new guns and turrets for fighters and capital ships.
- New equipment, including armor upgrades, scanners, thrusters.
- New commodities and trade routes; all ships drop pilots when destroyed.
- Battleship encounters in most populated systems, Nomad battleship encounters in the Unknown systems.
- Battleship killing missions available, all mission rewards increased.
- NPC AI enhanced, NPCs use shield batteries and nanobots.
- Faction IDs available for role-playing purposes. ID item also serves as a tractor beam.
- Various clientside and serverside options for mod activation.
- Open Singleplayer (Open SP) can be enabled as mod option; players can choose Open SP starting system, credits and reputation.
- Storyline singleplayer available when Open SP is disabled.
- Correct and complete infocards for all new ships, items, and commodities.
- Everything is ready to start your own server: IONCROSS data files included.
- Many other features - see the changelog in Readme.txt file!
- And last, but not least - retained original Freelancer atmosphere and playstyle.

New in Discovery 4.83

- 10 new ships.
- 4 new systems, 8 updated systems.
- 18 new stations.
- Players are visible for other players from longer distance (15K).
- 3 new factions: Freelancers, The Wild, and Phantoms.
- All shipyards now sell capital ships.
- 12 new level 9 weapons available for fighters.
- 7 new missile turrets for capital ships added.
- Countermeasure dropper hardpoints added to capital ships of all classes.
- The original Starflier added for sale.
- Three new codenames added.
- Explosions of capital ships look more impressive.
- Relations between factions updated.
- Nomads are now visible on the faction reputation list.
- Descriptions for many factions updated; new allies, enemies listed.
- Base price for many original commodities increased to make trade routes more profitable. Many trade routes changed.
- Spaceship Crew commodity added. Server rules for RP and PvP official 24/7 servers available as commodities.
- New ID types added (Military ID, Pirate ID, Trader ID, Terrorist ID, Phantom ID, and more).
- New mod option: view distance selection. Available choices: Medium (Discovery default), Low (Freelancer original), High.
- War between Bretonia and Kusari continues; more news about ongoing events available.
- Many other changes related to weapon and ship balance, system layout, equipment stats, and more.
- Fixed few bugs remaining from 4.82, corrected infocard errors.
Detailed changelog available from Readme.txt file.

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