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The final version of Nightstalker's Universe Mod is now running on the Olympus Complex. Everyone is welcomed to play on both of our servers, Olympus USA-1 and Olympus EU-1. These are the only official servers for this mod. Both servers are running the latest version of FLAC with all of the new features implemented. The Olympus Complex is also a member of the Haven Admin Forums.

You will have to register on the Olympus Complex Forums at to get access to the mod. All players must register on the forums with their main character name keep your characters. There are 114 new systems and 104 factions to make your life more interesting. With 60 new commodities you will be kept busy trading but beware of the unstable ones, they may explode. Currently there are 20 clan systems with 10 of them with clans already. Clan Systems are free if you meet the requirements to be considered a clan. Please see the Olympus forums for rules and regulations on acquiring a system (While they last). Also, every weekend we host the Olympus Games (This can be on either contest. Games currently running are: Fleet Wars, Last Man Standing, Red Baron, and a full working Race Track System. See the forums for dates and times.

New Features for Version 1.5

114 Systems to Explore (16 new)

With areas containing systems from various Sci-Fi show and more than a few custom.


BSG (New)
Star Trek
Star Wars
Wing Commander
Homeworld 2 (Loosely based)

500+ ships to fly and blow up

104 Custom Factions to get friendly or hostile with

New NPC Types:


All have their individual behavior

60 Custom Commodities

3D Star Systems

Enhanced AI that use batts and botts plus torpedoes

Enhanced targetting distances up to 20 K

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