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Author: MUMT

A small grain of sand in the vast universe...nothing special, just a cluster of stars and some nebulas...just one out of millions of similar places...
But it was chosen by the Monkey god! The Sirius Sector! A new home for mankind and just interesting enough for our story.
The first Nomad war is over for several years and people in the colonies forgot about the threat of the Nomads. The governments of the four houses went back to their business and rebuilt what was destroyed in the war. It seems to be a time of peace and economic growth again. But Sirius is in danger! The Nomads are not dead, but even more powerful than before. Pilots disappearing, stations that are attacked out of nowhere, single ships of unknown origin and material that are spotted all over the colonies! Mankind is at war once again! The Nomads are back, stronger and more dangerous than before. They already control several systems and operate all over the colonies. However, this time mankind has an ally. The Monkeys from Planet Primus share our aim to destroy the Nomads! They have the blessings of the Monkey God and superior knowledge and technology. But the Nomads are strong and victory is still far away.
Enter a new story in the world of Freelancer...

Monkey Universe - A Troubled Era

With the nomads gaining strength everyday, the Robots, Monkeys, Order and House governments were finding themselves under increasing pressure to hold them back. The Nomads have already gained foot holds in other systems. They have also learnt new tactics and fighting skills from analysing those of their foes. Now with these new skills they have become a force to be reckoned with.

However the Robots and Monkeys not to be outdone built 2 embassys in order for them to liase battle plans alongside their allies in the house systems. They also developed new and improved ships the likes of which Nomads had never seen before.

The robots had also forged a deal with the mercenaries. Providing the mercs with a system right on the Nomads doorstep. A system known as Robot 2 where the mercs could assemble there fleets, repair there ships and make necessary changes to their armaments.

The question now is do you have what it takes to fight alongside them against a force that threatens the entire population of Sirius........The Nomads are here and here they intend to stay. The future is in your hands, can you make the difference?

* Join the Monkeys, the Robots and the Order and fight against the enemy of mankind. Drive the Nomads out of Sirius!
* Be a Freelancer, a trader, a mercenary, a pirate or an officer of the law
* Visit a Nomad base and let them take you over. Be one of the superior beings and annihilate the weak!
* Join a clan and fight for your aims! Get the right to land on one of the Clan bases to buy exclusive clan ships and equipment!
* Experience RP and help improve diplomatic relations between theMonkeys and the humans.

The main aim of this mod is not to change the entire Freelancer universe, but to add some parts to the game to make it more interesting.
We also changed some of the original features to make the game more challenging. As we wanted to keep the original Freelancer feeling we tried to add things that really fit in the Freelancer universe.

This is the wide screen setup package for the Monkey Universe. To set up Monkey Universe simply install the downloaded file to a directory (NOT your game directory) and start "MU quick setup" placed on your desktop, select "Begin install" and everything will be set up. To play the game start "Monkey Universe" from your desktop, select "Web Install" and the game will be started. Have fun and see you soon online. Credits for the Digital Brilliance Auto Updater program go to Lancer Solurus

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