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Author: Korben

Rise of the lost Children is an addon mod exclusively for multiplayer which adds some unique features so far not achieved in the space combat simulation game Freelancer.

Rise of the lost Children is an add-on mod exclusively for multi-player which adds some unique features so far not achieved in the space combat simulation game Freelancer. The story behind this mod is matching very well the story in Freelancer, exploiting some facts already present in vanilla Freelancer but which were unfinished. The aim of this mod is to add enjoyable new features for both freelancer pilots and also for clans in multi-player.

As freelancer you can participate in story wars, epic battles, competitions, make money and become famous. I dont want to add to this list the old features of gameplay as we know in FL.

As member of a clan you can own ur system and i don't mean the old server edited factions but a real brand new and original concept that will make possible for clans to have their own exclusive training systems, a place to call home. You can loose the ownership if your clan is weak and challanged by a stronger clan. You can get clan insignia for your ships (another original concept) and i dont mean the old way to add skins to same ship and edit the accounts server side.

No matter if you will join a clan or not, you can choose the faction you want to play, with that choosing your character class. Again i dont mean tags in name, or plain reputation fix. I mean REAL affiliation (original concept) to a playable faction, having an according reputation, start location and ship. Power of classes is carefully balanced so none will get an advantage.

You will able to enjoy new ships and weapons carefully added not to spoil the FL feeling. All ships will be original 100%. The existing ships and items will be tweaked for a grater MP feeling.

New systems and stations were added to complete the story and some existing ones are edited to reflect the changes and conflicts in Sirius.
A new dynamic trade concept will be set so forget the trade as you knew.

Negociate your commodity/loot price, smuggle, avoid police. The more you risk the more you'll gain and this way the boring trading system will be changed into adventure.

So grab your helmet and fly to new excitements and challanges in the universe we love so much.

Cu in space!

Author: Korben

* Thrawn for the considerable ammount of help
* Advanced Battleship Encounters - script by Crabtree.
* Freelancer War on Nomads - script by vamp679.
* Spinning Planets - script concept by warzog and Bob McDob - tweaked by Crabtree.
* Richard Sabatino for tweaks
* Gibbon From Gizmo Studios for extra lights
* Lancersreactor comunity for tuts and stuff
* SLF members for testing and help: Torch, Wc_eend, Squig, Hallc, Ares, Illuzion, qqq, Carni4 and all other i didnt mention.

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