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Author: Nightstalker61

The final version of Nightstalker's Universe Mod is now running on the Olympus Complex. Everyone is welcomed to play on Olympus USA-1 and EU-1. These are the only official server for this mod at this time. The server is running the latest version of FLAC with all of the new features implemented.

You will have to register on the Olympus Complex Forums at to get access to the mod. All players must register on the forums with their main character name keep your characters. There are 119 new systems and 108 factions to make your life more interesting. With 60 new commodities you will be kept busy trading but beware of the unstable ones, they may explode. Currently there are 20 clan systems with 10 of them with clans already. Clan Systems are free if you meet the requirements to be considered a clan. Please see the Olympus forums for rules and regulations on acquiring a system (While they last). Also, every weekend we host the Olympus Games (This can be on either contest. Games currently running are: Fleet Wars, Last Man Standing, Red Baron, and a full working Race Track System. See the forums for dates and times.

Features for Version 1.6

* Spinning planets
* New graphical weapon effects
* New graphical system effects
* New graphical engine effects
* Advanced targeting out to 12k
* Viewable range increased to 100k (Capitals can be seen up to 25k, fighters 5k, and stations 50k - 100k)
* Playerlooting on all ships
* NPCs use the same weapons and ships as the players
* News on some stations
* Players will start with 5000000 in MP.
* New intro
* New Intro Scripts
* New music tracks for systems
* New sounds for equipment & weapons
* New costume for Trent
* Massive explosions and weapon enhancements
* Regenerating shields
* NPCs use nanobots and shieldbots
* 20 Clan Systems available to Clans with 5 or more players
* 119 systems
* 600+ new ships
* More than 500+ new stations/planets
* Massive explosion + weapon enhancements
* New Startup-Screens
* New Startup-Music
* More collision damage
* Cruise speed is set to 900
* NPC AI increased
* New rumors on the new stations/planets
* New wrecks for the new systems
* Armor available
* Subtargeting system added
* Advanced movement system added
* Wire Frames on most ships
* Custom Hit Boxes on all fighters
* New Universe map
* 60 New commodities
* 10 new wrecks
* Random Jump Hole (One ingame)
* Admin System (Admins only)
* Higher details on visual effects and objects in space
* New rumours and bribes on stations
* Explosion damage for all ships (Size matters here)
* Price limits removed
* Unique NPCs (monsters, asteroids, Derelicts)

New Systems:

Start System

* Destiny

Admin System/Prison

* Olympus
* Hell

Liberty System (First 5 Liberty Systems reintroduced in 1.5)

* New York
* California
* Colorado
* Texas
* Alaska
* Virginia
* Wyoming
* Nevada
* Florida
* Carolina

Custom Systems

* Omicron Major
* Wheel of Fate
* Calidon
* Omicron Ersus
* Omicron Draconis
* Ragnarok
* Kaliam
* New Russo
* Helion
* Atris Major
* Atris Minor
* Dargaard
* Alabama
* Tyrannus Conglomerate
* Menzoberranzan
* Gorg Empire
* Underworld
* Realmspace
* Lambda Serpentis

Star Trek Systems

* Sol - Pluto
* Sol - Saturn
* Sol - Jupiter
* Sol - Earth
* Alpha Centauri
* 40 Eridani A
* Bajoran
* Cardassian
* Gamma Quadrant
* Wolf 359
* Neutral Zone
* Romulan Star
* Klingon
* Borg
* Breen
* The Void

Babylon 5 Systems

* Chi Draconis A
* Zeta Tucanae
* Xi Pavonis
* Shadow
* 82 Eridani
* Proxima Centauri
* Coriana
* Zeta Orionis
* Epsilon Eridani
* Hyperspace
* Unexplored Hyperspace
* Dakota
* Alpha Cygnus
* Tau Ceti

BSG Systems

* Cyrannus A
* Cyrannus B
* Cyrannus C
* Ragnar
* Cylon
* Cylon Core

Star Wars Systems

* Tatoo
* Alderaan
* Corellian
* Raxus
* Coruscant
* Kessa
* Belgaroth
* Horuset
* Yavin
* Geonosis
* Warzone
* Nubus
* Beshqek

Wing Commander

* Fariss
* Antares

Homeworld 2

* Hiigara
* Vaygr


* Goa'uld
* Pegasus
* Ida
* Avalon
* Unknown (Ori)

Game Systems

* Game Nexus
* Battleground
* Race Track
* Nightstalker's Proving Ground

Serenity Systems

* Core
* Mao
* Dufrain
* Georgia
* Burnham

Clan Systems

* Bloodhome (Blood-Legion)
* Clan System 2
* Omicron Alpha (-=Raiders=-)
* Clan System 4
* Clan System 5
* Clan System 6
* Honor (No Bull Shipping)
* Caribbean (Maquis Pirate Syndicate)
* Clan System 9
* Clan System 10
* Clan System 11
* Clan System 12
* Clan System 13
* Valhalla (The Vahalla Movement)
* Clan System 15
* New Haven (.:[BR]:. Bretonian Rangers)
* Clan System 17
* Borg (Borg)
* Clan System 19 (Converted to NPC System Imperium)
* Clan System 20 (Converted to NPC System Lehon)

Version 1.6

Announcing Nightstalker's Universe Mod v1-6, this version adds 8 new systems and 6 new factions to ruin your day. I have also added about 100 new ships and a few ships that were cut from previous versions due to not being used. This version is more stable than the previous version because of mission problems due to path problems, also a lot of new revelations have occurred to me in my hunt to squash bugs, especially on how Freelancer uses its files and the way things are supposed to be coded for FL to work properly (I knew a lot of things but with the combined resources of the FL Community I learned how additional coding and modifications tick). This version will be very enjoyable to those who have played before as well for the new people who will be making their way to our server.

This mod is set up to run with FLAC anticheat software. Most of the features do not work outside of it. This mod is only authorized to run on the Olympus servers and no where else. The client files have key components removed that will cause the mod to run unstable without the server version. Clan ships are subject to copyright by their respective owners.

Server Information:

EU-1 IP:

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