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Author: masternerdguy

This mod takes all the steps needed to activate freelancer in 1680x1050 resolution, except one, and condenses it into a single FLMM package! It makes the same changes you'd make manually, except a lot faster and a lot less tediously.

Different editions can be downloaded for different mods, or you can use the generic wondermod. Have fun with your much better looking freelancer. This mod can also NOT be considered cheating, its the same steps you would be performing manually anyway.


1. Download Archive
2. Open FLMM (Freelancer Mod Manager)
3. Activate any mods you need
4. Drag the archive (the file) into the FLMM window's list of mods.
5. Activate the Mod.
6. The only thing you need to change is in C:UsersmasternerdguyDocumentsMy GamesFreelancer under perfoptions.ini. You need to change the bottom of the file under [Display] so that size= 1680,1050 and color_bpp= 32 and depth_bpp= 24 .
7. Have fun!

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