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The Genesis mod is an addon mod for Freelancer by Digital Anvil/Microsoft that works in Open Single Player & Multiplayer, putting you into the game just after the original campaign has finished.

The mod adds many new features and is based around events just after the storyline finishes. With many new ships to fly, places to explore, items to trade in a simulated dynamic economy in singleplayer. Many new systems have been added plus other items of interest, plus a full visual enhancement of the game with HD textures and widescreen support.

Multiplayer includes a fully working dynamic economy, based on supply and demand, player banking, custom join messages, a full stats package plus many more features.

The dedicated server is geared towards roleplay, but should you not wish to take part, you are still free to roam the mod without interference. Look for the 'Olympus - Home of the Gods' server running Genesis 1.1.

Please choose the correct version for download, OSP version for singlplayer and MP version for mutiplayer. Only the MP version will let you connect to the server.

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