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FlyByU Freelancer Server Mod v0.79
Created By: FlyByU

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Features in FlyByU Freelancer Server Mod v0.79

1.] 14 Power Plant Upgrade.

2.] Tweeked weapons

3.] Cruise speed 400, flight speed is now 80.

4.] Max Missiles, Mines, and CM's is 200

5.] NPC Traders will drop all cargo.

6.] Turrets on all Freighters are moved to better positions for better field of fire.

7.] All Commodities are 30% higher then Vanilla Freelancer some are even more .

8.] Real Space and it looks very nice.

9.] Player levels go to 89 . However, Player Level has nothing to do with this Mod.

10.] Sight range increased you can see stations, planets, trade lanes etc... from a longer distance now.

11.] Several tweaks to ships, weapons, and systems.

12.] Fire jump-hole effect.

12.] Lootable Nomad turret that works on all ships. Must kill a Nomad Gun Boat or Nomad Fighter to get them.

14.] Regenerative Nomad Armor, (Loot-able) It regenerates so you do not have to use as many Nanobots.

15.] Nomad Countermeasures.

16.] All Turrets class 7 and above have 25% more damage with the same power usage as the gun.

17.] Code weapon Turrets have been fixed to have the same range and velocity as the guns.

18.] 3 new shields that are like the nomad shield except you can buy these at Planet Toledo. There are 3 classes: Light Fighter, Heavy/Very heavy Fighter, & Freighter.

19.] All Player Freighter shields are 25% stronger and regenerate 25% faster except the new Hybrid shield.

20.] All Player Freighters the max cargo now 1200 for the Humpback & Dromedary.

21.] We have cap ship encounters back in the mod as well, with Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, and Gunboats. Factions with Cap ship Encounters are: All House Military, Nomads, and the Order. (Nomad Fleets do not have the Battleship)

22.] The Navy fleets are now much more powerful and have much more armor now they also carry a Fleet Commander which is worth $25+ Million Credits.

23.] Order weapons have been improved they are now class 7, 9, & 10

24.] Scanner range has been improved; you can now see a player within 40k+.

25.] 2 Billion+ is the new limit for credits on Character.

26.] Players now have a bank they can use to store credits on there account.

27.] Improved all shield buster guns.

28.] All Military Bases now have high paying/high level missions so watch what mission you take as you may not survive.

29.] Additional Equipment changes: See your local Shipyard for more details.

30.) Nomad shield that is loot-able and you can use it on your ship. It is resistant to damage from all gun weapon types except Nomad and Code guns. (Its greatest weaknesses are Mines and Missiles)

31.) Nomad Weapons 8% more powerful and take 15% less energy per shot.
All nomad weapons have been redone they are much better now. (To test this, just pick a fight with a few of them. Hee Hee)

32.) Made a new Energy Mine. A very powerful mine to have on your side.

33.) 7 new Nomad wrecks in 6 Nomad Infested Systems with surprises on them, and 12 other new wrecks in the other NPC systems. You will have to find them on your own. That is a total of 19 new wrecks have been placed, and one additional Nomad* system opened up to hide the best one in. (In addition, some Vanilla Wrecks have had some Weapons or Commodities changed or increased)

34.) A new System is open, the Nomad Home World system, moreover, it is very populated, to put it mildly. (If you enjoy fighting Nomads, this system has got to be your target destination)

35.) Fast Docking

36.) Nine new pieces of equipment: Shield Generators. They increase the regeneration rate of shields. (The first time you Mount, one of these Puppies, You WILL want to come back for more)

37.] CM's and Energy Missiles do not use Ammo. (Simply Turn Them On) or continue to Launch them with your favorite buttons of choice.

38.] Ships, Weapons, Missiles, Mines, CM's, and Equipment can be bought at any level or reputation. If you can land on a base you can buy whatever you like if you have the credits for it.

39.] Beefed up all ships by 2x the Armor, Botts/Batts. 2 x the Cargo and all ships. The Dromedary/Humpback are now the best Freighter. Fixed the info cards to show the right info for all ships.

40.] Adjusted the system lighting to make it more comfortable and bring out the textures in Bases and ships.

41.] Added some of the equipment that was put in the game but not buyable. Added, loot-able/buyable, Scanners (5) and tractor beam, Nomad, and Order thrusters etc.

42.] All factions have loot-able pilots.

43.] Added many new Jump holes.

44.] Adjusted Weapons such as the Missiles to do more damage and hit a lot more often

45.] Add more damage to mines and increased there speed to 160 and 180 for the seeker mines

46.] Adjusted the performance of the torpedoes, and Cruise Disrupters

(Mines, Missiles, Cruise Disrupters track targets like they have Magnets in the Nose now)

47.] Guns, Missiles, and Ammo has no level or reputation requirement on it so if you find a weapon or loot a weapon you will be able to buy ammo for it at anytime as well as buy it anytime as long as you have the credits for it.

48.] All ships have improved handling. They all turn pretty quick now including freighters

49.] Made NPC shields loot-able. These shields are not the player shields. They only regenerate at 5 point per sec so are useless to the player but can be sold (Do not make the mistake of mounting one of these just because it is a Class 10, and you have only a Class 5. You WILL be . Sell it as suggested.)

50.] Shipyards are very important now. You can only buy Power Plant Upgrades, Scanners, Tractor Beams, Armor, Shield Generator, Thrusters, etc... there.

51.] Lower paying missions now.

52.] All Commodities are 30% higher then Vanilla Freelancer some are even more .

53.] Lights are now brighter and look very nice with the Real Space feature.

54.] Weapons color has been tweaked they also look very nice with the Real Space feature.

55.] NPC's now take loot.

56.] MP Start: - Ship = Patriot - $10,000 Credits - Armor - Shield Generator - CM - Guns: 1xShield Buster - 3xGuns - Class 1 Shield - 20 Bots/Batts. So you will have a nice start.

57.] AI is Vanilla for all except Nomads, And Capship Fleets.

58.] Fleet Commanders are worth over $10 million now.

59.] Armored Transport Added to mod.

60.] Roll Baby Roll is now in mod. Gives the player the ability to roll and perform other complex maneuvers while in cockpit mode. Not a substitute for the current controll system, Just an extension of it.

61.] Added the Liberty Cruiser

62.] Added the Rheinland Gunboat

63.] Added the Dagger 2

64.] CM's now sold only at Shipyards.

65.] Added 1 new Powerplant, 2 new engines for the capships

This Mod was created for any and all Players who LOVE playing Freelancer. Whether you Mine, Trade, Pirate, or Fight Pirates. All of the Basic areas of the Original Freelancer scheme have been addressed. For those who love Freelencer, and do not expect to get the best Ship, with the Best Shield, and the Best Weapons in the first TWO Hours of game play, then this mod is for you. As you work your way up to that Hammerhead, or Titan, or Dromedary, you will EARN each new piece of Equipment or up-grade that you get.

Come test your skills on FlyByU's server. He has worked hard to bring you the great feelings of vanilla Freelancer but with lots of new tweaks. Come out and enjoy this great mod. If you want to be in a clan check out the rules for starting a clan on FlyByU's server and come out and have a blast with your clan. (Suggestion, Use your Clan Members to GANG UP on those Nomads)

*DO expect to have a fun time for this mod. It is for those who want to kill a lot of NPC's, and enjoy engaging PVP with your friends or enemies.*

*The mod will use FLMM v 1.31 to activate*

Credits/Thanks go to the following Freelancers:

- The mod base is Freelancer SDK 1.3b files by Louva Deus included.

- A special Thank You to Swat-Portal and Freelancer Community. The new home ports for Freelancers.

- Evolutions mod for their outstanding Commodities and Ship Icons (Pilots) and allowing me to use them. Thank you Evolutions Mod Team!

- SWAT_OP-R8R for his Nomad Pilot Icon

- Louva-Deus for his SDK 1.3b & Real Space mod

- Eagle for his Freelancer Anti Cheat (FLAC)

- Mancer for his Shippack5v1.10

- Crabtree for his Armored Transport mod

- DwnUndr for many errors fixes found in his new Vanilla Starter Pack

- Matthew 'IGx89' Lieder for Freelancer Mod Manager

- Lancer Solurus for his FL Error Checker

- Gibbon for his Armored Transport Icon

- DwnUndr & Soupman for help with IonCross and FLAC running together, and providing forums for freelancer communities. *They do a great job*

- Aegir for his Roll Baby Roll mod

- Lone Wolf, sev98, and Alexander for there help in testing the mod.

FlyByU's Freelancer Server Homepage


The Freelancer Community


Freelancer Anti Cheat (FLAC)

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