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A working copy of FreeSpace 2 is required. You can get one for $6, DRM-free, from

Installation instructions:

1. Download the 7zip archive, extract it, and place the 'blueplanet' folder in your /FreeSpace2/ directory.

2. Select the folder as a mod using the FreeSpace Open Launcher. You will need a recent Inferno Build of FreeSpace Open and the MediaVPs graphical upgrades. You can use the FreeSpace Open Installer to install FreeSpace Open and the MediaVPs, but you will need to get an Inferno Build here. Select the build using the Launcher's 'browse' button.

3. IMPORTANT: Complete the checklist on the installation page to ensure that your install is complete and error-free.

4. Once in-game, make sure you have selected Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius in the Campaign Room.

If you encounter any errors, please post a troubleshooting request on our forums immediately. Blue Planet has been tested exhaustively on multiple computer systems, so if you have an issue, we can probably fix it right away.

Two additional VP files enabling advanced graphical features are also available here. Place these in your /FreeSpace2/blueplanet directory.

Thank you for playing, and enjoy!

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