Frontline: Fields of Thunder Interview (PC)

Strategy Informer: Hi! Can you please tell us to whom are we speaking with?

Sergey Golubkin: Sergey Golubkin, producer of Frontline: Fields of Thunder

Strategy Informer: For those that do not know, Frontline: Fields of Thunder is Blitzkrieg's expansion, sequel or a complete stand alone game?

Sergey Golubkin: F:FoT is a complete stand alone game. The game is based on the Blitzkrieg 2 engine, but the engine and game mechanics have been modified during the development of F:FoT. We also changed the gameplay so it’s more hardcore (or historically accurate if you prefer to call it that); all unit stats were redone for more historical accuracy, every mission was designed using real strategic maps, photos and so on. But focus in the game is still for it to be fun to play for those who want to challenge themselves a bit beyond the average strategy game.

Strategy Informer: What is the story of the games period?

Sergey Golubkin: The whole battle name is The Battle of Kursk (or the Kursk Campaign, July 4, 1943 – July 20, 1943), also called Unternehmen Zitadelle by the German Army (Operation Citadel in English), and it was a significant (deliberate) defensive battle strategy on the Soviets' part in the Eastern Theater during World War II. This battle also included the famous sub-battle at Prokhorovka and remains the largest armored engagement in history. In Frontline you’ll be able to defend the Eastern Front playing the Soviet Army and vice versa – attacking Russian positions playing the German Army.

Strategy Informer: How many missions per side will we be able to play?

Sergey Golubkin: 10 large missions for each side in 2 main campaigns. For a really experienced player that should offer gameplay of at least up to 25-30 hours for really experienced players and then you can add multiplayer play to that for additional gameplay time.

Strategy Informer: How many units are featured at maximum on the battlefield?

Sergey Golubkin: In final missions there will be up to hundreds units on the single screen (and up to 1-1000 on the whole map), so you’ll not be disappointed.

Strategy Informer: How many unique units will there be?

Sergey Golubkin: There are about 200 unique units in total, but if you mentioned how many units you’ve never seen in any other WW2 games I’d say I’m not sure. There were plenty of WW2 games, there’s quite a few of them you know…

Strategy Informer: The game is stated to be historically accurate. How much effort did you go into making sure of that?

Sergey Golubkin: As I said before, we had real strategic maps and photos of the landscape for making in-game missions. Also we’ve explored a tons of historical books trying to make sure that, for example, “this particular regiment was in this area at this time”. Or this “particular regiment at this time had this number of armor/manpower then lost in continuous combats and became this small (or had a reinforcements – and become this big)”.

Strategy Informer: Are you planning any further sequels or expansion packs?

Sergey Golubkin: If gamers enjoy playing Frontline as much as we think they will, this could be the first in a series of games. Sequels could include the Battle of Tobruk and other signification battles of World War 2.

Strategy Informer: Thank you for your time! Would you like to add anything else?

Sergey Golubkin: Sure! Play great games and have a fun!


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