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Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar Cheats & Codes

Add the "cheat" command line parameter to a shortcut to the application and you need to add it *outside* the quotes that enclose the application path in the shortcut.

Example: "C:\Program Files\Stardock\TotalGaming\GalCiv2\galciv2.exe" cheat

Code: Description:
CTRL + [V] United Planets Meeting
CTRL + [B] Add Battleship
CTRL + [C] Clone Selected Ship
CTRL + [0 to 9] Hail's Major Races
CTRL + [J] Complete Social Projects
CTRL + [R] Research Current Tech (Hold SHIFT for ALL)
CTRL + [H] Heal Selected Ship
CTRL + [T] Teleport Selected Ship to Cursor
CTRL + [L] Assigns Remaining Planets to Major Races
CTRL + [S] Save
CTRL + [A] Upgrade Selected Ship
CTRL + [M] Add 10,000bc
CTRL + [N] Restart on New Map with New Race
CTRL + SHIFT + [D] Spawn a Minor Race
CTRL + SHIFT + [T] Hail Yourself
CTRL + SHIFT + [J] Completes Other Race's Projects
CTRL + SHIFT + [X] Quart. Report
CTRL + SHIFT + [B] Spawn Different Star Bases
CTRL + SHIFT + [M] Change Alignment


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By sheriden (I just got here) on Jul 07, 2014
It is so sad to know that the cheat commands and codes will no longer work as per the demands of the users. in fact they will make us familiar with certain other cheat codes and avatars like clone selected ship,change alignments and so on.
By danie159 (I just got here) on Jul 17, 2014
La investigación que demuestra los beneficios de los juegos de acción ha sido cuestionada debido a deficiencias metodológicas, como las estrategias de contratación y el sesgo de selección, los posibles efectos placebo, y la falta de mejoras iniciales en los grupos de control.