Game Tycoon Review (PC)

A quirky idea or simply developerís revenge? Itís a tough call really. On the one hand we have a slight glimpse into the gaming development World but on the other a not so nice way to express it.

Humble $100,000 beginnings Splash big in the market

In terms of graphics this game is for the low spec machines as itís dominated by cartoon animations and sets. This gives a unique feature but itís a short coming as they arenít done that well. When the character is up and walking the streets I couldnít help but feel a loss of appreciation for the game as they awkwardly shuffle along a lifeless background, luckily you can skip his or her leisurely strolls.

Sounds are mundane at best, with some effects even making the tutorial inaudible. ďAnimation of all speaking charactersĒ, yes this is true but it certainly doesnít mean theyíre lip synched as you quickly find out. Itís not essential but itís what makes a good game great, no such thing here Iím afraid.

The gameplay itself interested me in theory, having to make games tycoon style sounded great. The player slowly progresses through the years from 1982 up to the present with technology and desires growing along the way. So you slowly watch your game concepts grow and grow with more features, and take on more staff for the high end projects. This title is almost a click fest Öin a bad way. Once you tinker with a game concept (which is the most fun part I think) you then have to print it, move it to a folder, then go off to another building, load the concept and assign staff, wait for it to be finished and then move it to production etc. Each office needs you to come out of where you are, then proceed to another, in some cases the main map and then select and visit another part of town before reaching your intended destination. This became tiresome real quick, leaving a bitter taste for my tycoon addiction.

You compete with two 'friends' who have decided to join the industry at its infancy like yourself, so youíll be competing with them directly for attention in the charts. After youíve named your development studio, you donít even get any customisation that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside really Ė unlike The Movies for instance which flaunted your choices.

Some minor self indulgence The 'Azzkickor' game engine is born!

I really wanted to like this game, I really did! Its downfalls though are a constant thorn and you soon find yourself questioning your tastes in gaming. A quirky idea for a game, but it really feels that the developer just wanted to exact vengeance on its customers by making an agonising process to unleash your virtual gaming blockbusters Ė just so you can feel their pain and anguish at us media gobbling vultures! Game Tycoon: The Developers Strike Back!

Top Game Moment:
Making a RPG blockbuster in 1982 with cutting edge 2D and scrolling graphics technology!


By Mirasss (SI Newbie) on Aug 27, 2011
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