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Here is the complete changelog:


- Fixed bug where server would kick player during world load because of the small timeout value.
- Added support for incoming and outgoing bandwidth definition for client and server. The
configuration files for client and server can be found in Data/GasGuzzlers/Networking directory.
- Implemented dedicated server launcher
- Network chat messages can now be sent from the game HUD (default key is Y)
- Fixed bug if nickname had several words separated by space. Lobby would not show players name
and game would crash just before race start
- Client synchronization rate can now be specified from the GasGuzzlers.xml configuration file
- Fixed bug with dedicated server crash if dedicated server profile existed in profiles directory
- Added support for server welcome message and server info messages
- Fixed "Enter IP" dialog focus bug
- Few network bandwidth optimizations
- Reset snaps car to 70m behind the position where reset was initiated
- When player has finished or died, camera switch is limited to players that are not dead
- Fixed bug with knockout (player would be killed on server but not on client)
- Oil, smoke and mines power-ups can be activated only once when collected
- Fixed bug where camera is flying over map when switched to finished player
- Added experimental support for rubber banding through nitro duration based on player's rank.
Player ranked first will get the least nitro duration while player ranked last would get the
largest nitro duration. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled eather through
GGDedicatedServer.xml or dedicated server launcher.

Single Player/Common:

- Fixed error with missing Dwmapi.dll on Windows XP (Aero still disabled od Windows 7 and Vista)
- Added look back camera (default key is V)
- Fixed bug where "best race time" would not be recorded
- Improved event cycle generation in order to achieve better track distribution
- Improved car stability when braking
- Implemented voice-over preview in profile editor
- Fixed race results rank list focus bug
- Opponents race results are not simulated any more
- AI improvements
- AI CPU optimization
- Fixed rim reflection bug
- Fixed bug where locked rim would load and be set as a current rim
- Fixed bug where rim that is not loaded would not load even when it is selected for painting
- Fix bug where new events cycle would be generated if player was killed
- Added various tooltips to garage and loading screen
- Tweaked existing difficulties (in order to make game easier)
- Added Beginner, Extreme and Impossible difficulties
- Increased strength of the forces generated by rockets and grenades
- Enabled repair powerup in classic race
- Fixed bug with XInput controllers. User will have to remap controls
- Fixed shooting with controller bug
- Car can now spin when affected by force that is strong enough
- Improved destruction model for vehicles
- The race can now be restarted or retired during the in-game race results list
- Fixed bug where sometimes the wheels would penetrate through the car's body geometry
- Fixed bug where railgun kill would not be counted
- When car upgrade is selected, the next car performance parameter value is shown as green bar
- Minor physics tweaks for Hound DIX
- Reset does not snap car too far from the position where reset was initiated (max 20m now, 100m previously)
- Fixed bug where WRONG DIRECTION would be sometimes incorrectly displayed
- Fixed crash that occurs sometimes when tournament/championship is started

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