Cheats & Hints

G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra Hints, Tips

Acceleration Celebration (10) - Activate the Accelerator Suit three times in any mission (P1 only).

Accomplished Mission (25) - Gain the highest Mission Ranking (P1 only).

All G.I. JOE Contacts (50) - Purchase all G.I. JOE contacts (P1 only).

Arctic Completed (50) - Complete all Arctic missions (P1 only).

Arishikage Attack (10) - Complete any mission using Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

Baroness (25) - Defeat Baroness (P1 only).

Battle Master (75) - Collect and spend all 130 possible Battle Points (P1 only).

Bevvy o' Heavy (10) - Complete a mission using only Heavy class characters (P1 only).

Classified (25) - Collect all Intel Cards (P1 only).

COBRAAAA!!! (25) - Purchase all COBRA characters.

Code Cracker (10) - Gain access to a Combat Soldier Class Ability door (P1 only).

Combat Rock (10) - Complete a mission using only Combat class characters (P1 only).

Desert Completed (50) - Complete all Desert missions (P1 only).

Destro (25) - Defeat Destro (P1 only).

Double Barrel Roll (10) - Perform 10 barrel rolls in unison in any level in co-op (P1 only).

File-o-phile (35) - Collect all File Cards (P1 only).

Firefly (25) - Defeat Firefly (P1 only).

Gimme The Keys (10) - Drive every G.I. JOE vehicle in the game (P1 only).

Girls Night Out (10) - Complete any mission using female characters only (P1 only).

Go Commando (10) - Complete a mission using only Commando class characters (P1 only).

Hack 'n Slash (20) - Finish a level using only melee attacks on ground troops (P1 only).

Half the Battle (10) - Collect 50% of all File Cards (P1 only).

Hardcore G.I. JOE (50) - Complete every Mission on Hardcore Difficulty (P1 only).

Higher Score (10) - Replay a mission and earn a higher score (P1 only).

It Takes Two (10) - Complete any mission in 2 player co-op (P1 only).

Jungle Completed (50) - Complete all Jungle missions (P1 only).

Launch Money (10) - Launch 50 enemies into the air and kill them (P1 only).

Lost & Found (25) - Collect all G.I. JOE Contacts (P1 only).

Lost Keys (10) - Gain access to a Heavy Class Ability door (P1 only).

Lovers' Quarrel (10) - Complete any mission using Baroness and Duke.

M.A.S.S. Destruction (50) - Destroy the M.A.S.S. Device (P1 only).

Man Up (20) - Complete a Jungle or Tundra mission without going Man Down (P1 only).

Nimble Access (10) - Gain access to a Commando Class Ability door (P1 only).

No "I" in Team (20) - Complete mission with higher than 50% Dual Targeting kills (P1 only).

Side Mission Completist (20) - Complete all Sub-operation Missions.

Sloppy Joe (10) - Achieve the worst rank on a level without going Man Down (P1 only).

Storm Shattered (25) - Defeat Storm Shadow in all three secret arenas (P1 only).

Strike Commander (50) - Defeat every wave in all Satellite Strike mini-games (P1 only).

Strike Lieutenant (25) - Defeat every wave in one Satellite Strike mini-game (P1 only).

The Tables Have Turned (10) - Complete any Arctic, Desert, or Jungle mission using any COBRA character.

Triplets (25) - Pick up all three types of Point Multipliers in one mission (P1 only).

Turret Syndrome (20) - Operate the turret in every vehicle in the game (P1 only).

Yo Joe! (10) - Purchase two G.I. JOE contacts (P1 only).