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Gothic II Cheats & Codes

Press S then type Marvin then press S again. Now bring up the cheat console by pressing F2 and enter a code below:

Code: Description:
cheat god Invincibility
cheat full Max Health
lurker lurker
harpie harpie
goto vob Teleport
load position Load position
goto waypoint Teleport
load game Load game
version Display game version
insert Make item (see list below)
print Get screenshot
goto pos Go to Castle
lichtbringer Quest artifact
Kill Kill enemy in focus
toggle time Toggle game time
first person First person
Go to a waypoint Xardas Warp to Xardas Tower
Go to a waypoint Wolf Warp to Harbor
Go to a waypoint Fire Warp to a torch above the 'landowners' farm
insert gold 1000 gold for 100 exp
Goto Waypoint Sheep Warp to the area near Pepe and his sheep
Goto Waypoint Lighthouse Warp to the Lighthouse near Khorinis, just out in front
Set Time XX:XX Set time to XX:XX
insert itar_pal_skel Make Old Knight's Armor appear
EDIT ABILITIES Menu opens, where one can change character characteristics
EDIT AI Menu opens, where one can change the behaviour of the AI.
EDIT COMBAT Menu opens, where one can change the combat system
EDIT SPECIES Menu opens, where one can change species dependent constant
HERO EXPORT [NAME] One's character is stored in the file "piranha bytes\gothic\saves\name.zen\"
HERO IMPORT [NAME] A stored character is loaded and replaces the own character.
PLAY ANI [NAME] Implements the animation, e.g. play ani s_cbowaim
ZFOGZONE Practically infinite range of vision.
INSERT CH Characterhelper (only in German)
INSERT FH FaceHelper (posses to use)
O Posses if in focus (non-console)
Alt+O Debug toggle (non-console)
EDIT CAMERA Menu opens, where one can change camera values
SET FBBOX Framework shows around the object in the focus .
SET MODELFATNESS [WERT] Make the character thiner or thicker.
SET PERMATTITUDE [ATTITUDE] Changes permanent attitude of the character in focus (e.g. friendly, hostile, neutrally, angry)
TOOGLE DESKTOP All texts, bars and menu becomes invisible.
ITWR_MAP_NEWWORLD Land Map of Khorinis

Gothic II Hints, Tips

How to Kill Creeps With 1 Hit!!! (Bug)
When you complete the first quest from Vatras, talk to him and you will have to choose your reward. Choose the ring of dexterity. Then wear it and get a bow. (The bow must require the same dexterity you have). When all done put out the ring and then again put it in. Do it as many times you want. For each time you do you will get +5 dexterity. When you reach about 500 dexterity you will be able to kill all the creeps with a bow or crossbow with 1 hit!


Gothic II Trainers, Cheats Downloads

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+7 Trainer 196 KB Download it!