Grand Theft Auto IV, review by paelleon

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Liberty city again?

What's this? The quality of GTA serie games has been incresing since its creation. Now They decided to return to the origins and pump them up with a new, unoptimized, graphic. Here we are, in a city only map, without the RPG elements of San Andreas, stucked in a slow and lagging game (PC version) to do the same missions for a bunch of crazy people.
The few innovations regard the use of mobiles and internet.
Multiplayer has been added with a complicate, buggy and useless "Social Club" online validation that has been deleted with patch 1.07 due to insufficent number of users.
Great sounds and music, as always, with the return of the Lazlo's madness, only on Integrity 2.0!
Posted on 04/11/2011 12:43
7.5 great