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Please note, this file includes a main.scm file. It is highly recommended that you BACKUP this file before you install this modification as you will ruin any saved games that you have will not work with this modification. If you don't back up this file, you will have to reinstall GTA San Andreas to use the saved games again.

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Neo Mod v4.0

This is the 3rd code I converted. Personally, this is my favorite. It allows you to
FLY without using a helicopter or plane. You are able to steer when in the air. This
mod allows you to jump from rooftop to rooftop, from car to car, or to just have LOTS
of fun. Explore the possibilities! This code allows you to go up into the air as high
as you want, there are NO limits! Once you have reached a good height, release all
buttons and FALL! You are able to steer while falling as well.

Also, while you are falling you can start going up again by repressing the key combination.
You can also get an adrenaline pill so everything will go slower. This will give you
more time to think where to go, it will allow you to 'dodge bullets',
and it allows you to jump over cars (such as the police) that are trying to run over you.

This mod is highly recommended!

How to use it

Walk to a nice place, then press SPRINT (default Right Shift) + AIM
(default Right mouse button) + JUMP (default SpaceBar). This will put a
adrenaline pill at the location where you are standing, meaning everything
will go slower (as described in the description above). You do NOT have to
press the adrenaline pill key combination in order to fly.

In fact, you fly a lot faster without adrenaline. To start flying, press and
HOLD: SPRINT (default Right Shift) + FORWARD (default Arrow Up) + JUMP
(default Space Bar). You will now start flying up into the direction you
are pointing. Use your MOUSE to steer to whatever direction you want.

After you've been flying for 10 (game) seconds, you will stop increasing hight.
To go even higher, release the key combination for a short while, and quickly
press it again. This will make you to start increasing height for another 10
seconds. Continue this method to go as high as you want to go! When your high,
release the buttons to start falling. While you are falling, you can steer a little.

To ensure survival of the fall, whenever you land after a fall, your health and armor
will be full again. If you fall in the water, quickly press the key combination in order
to fly out of the water!


Make sure you backup your original main.scm file. After you made a backup,
copy the main.scm you just downloaded to your Vice City data directory.

IMPORTANT: You HAVE to start a NEW game, or else the game WILL CRASH!

For tehcnical problems please contact ""

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