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-=Detailed Map and Radar Mod=-

This mod will substitute GTA:San Andreas'map and the radar by the map
made by Ian Albert(,which shows San Andreas detailed,
like a satellite picture.


Easy way
#Download and install San Andreas Mod Installer 1.1(
and run the SAMI script in this pack.

Hard way
#Substitute the file fronten2.txd(GTA San Andreasmodelsfronten2.txd) by the
one in this package.
#Using IMGTool 2.0(you can find it at,open the file
gta3.img(GTA San Andreasmodelsgta3.img),find some files called radar00.txd,
radar01.txd,radar02.txd...radar143.txd(they are 144 files),select and delete
them.Then add(Ctrl+A) the radar files in this package and rebuild the
archive(Commands>Rebuild archive).

#I don't know why,but I couldn't add all the radar textures at the same time
in the gta3.img file.So,if this happen with you,you will have to add the
textures one per one.

#Map by Ian Albert
#Conversion of the map by BaygoN
#SAMI script by simoncampbell

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