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EC F'N W Shirt by Crimmond

I decided to go easy for my first mod. And try to remain as close to faithful as I can with the source material. By that I mean staying in the same timeframe. The EC F'N W shirt came out a couple years after San Andreas is set, but it's a sight closer than the John Cena and Eddie shirts I've seen floating around. Plus, it wouldn't be too far a stretch for CJ to have gone to an ECW event in the area. Hell, he's a video game version of New Jack, really.

Alright, enough of that stuff.

With IMGTool, go into C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGTA San Andreasmodels and select 'player'.

Extract tshirtproblk.txd as a backup. If you don't do this and something goes wrong somehow, don't come crying to me.

Replace tshirtproblk.txd with the tshirtproblk.txd file included with the mod.

Rebuild the archive. It should only take a few seconds.


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