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ArtWork Orange CJ by Kel1thuzad

You need to have IMGtool or any other program that does the same thing to use these skins. It is installed like any other skin. In case you don't like the skins or you mess up, backups of the original rockstar files are included.
The file shirtayellow.txd is named to replace the yellow shirt at the Zips clothing store but can be used for any other shirt with the same model (for example the grey one at Zips).
The file capred.txd is named to replace the red hat at Suburban (?) but can be used to replace any other hat with the same model (such as the green hat).
As for as I am aware, the player_face.txd file only changes the face of CJ when he has the "Cesar" haircut. That was the haircut it was intended for.

Rockstar for the original textues
This can be used by anyone as long as I am given credit and a link is given to this download.

If you want to contact me, please leave a message on my youtube account

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