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/////////////// OLYMPIC T SHIRT
/////////////// by swapnil2809

Simple,the Olympics start today,so this nice Olympic TShirt for CJ.Replaces the white TShirt in Binco.

Tools Required:
Spooky's IMG Tool or Spark's IMG Editor

Open the player.img file located in

Rockstar GamesGTA San Andreasmodels

and search for tshirtwhite.txd.Once you have found it,replace it with the tshirtwhite.txd provided in the archive.Now either save the player.img file or rebuild it.
Then start the game and purchase the White Tshirt at Binco.



No one may modify any file provided in this archive without my prior permission.If you want to host this file on your site,feel free but do not dare to mess with the read me!!!.txt.

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