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Mod name: Cargobob Camo textures
Author: Mario (also known as MarioCRO, general_mario or Dalt on some sites)
Date of release: September 20th, 2008
Website: ;;
email: mario_gamer [AT] live [dot] com
version: 1.0

Description: This mod will replace the textures of Cargobob in GTA: San Andreas with a
camouflage texture of your choice.
There are four textures to pick from:
- winter
- urban (similar to winter in colors)
- woodland
- desert

You have my permission to host this mod on your site.


1. Download the IMG Tool for GTA:


2. Go to the game installation directory/models and make a copy of gta3.img file

* this step is not neccessary, but it's recommended in case you want to deinstall the mod
** alternatively, you can make a backup of the "cargobob.txd" located inside the gta3.img

3. Run IMG Tool and open gta3.img

4. Go to edit-> find and type "cargobob.txd"

5. When you've found "cargobob.txd" right click it and go to replace and replace it with cargobob.txd that you downloaded with
this mod.

6. Go to Commands -> Rebuild Archive

7. Close IMG Tool and run the game


You can find a gameplay video of these textures here:

Or on YouTube:

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