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Shark to Dolphin/ Dolphin to Shark Mod V1.0

This is my first mod, it simply replaces the dolphin with the hidden shark, and vice versa.

This mod requires IMGTool V2.0, if you don't have it, get it.

To install open up gta3.img in IMGTool press F2 to bring to bring up the search option and type in shark, when it finds it, right click on
either shark.dff or shark.txd, and select replace, then replace it with the file of the same name and file type, do the same for the dolphin
only type in dolphin instead of shark.

This mod is like the shark mod, only it makes it so there is still something in the water to find.

Feel free to distibute this mod, just leave all the files and readme in place.

Mod made by GSF_OG

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