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Author: Maggots Projects

Grand Theft Auto BioHazard Alert its a Free Total Conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that convert SA in a survival horror game based in Resident Evil Movies games.

A virus called T-virus escaped from the Umbrella Corporation in a city called Raccoon City. In about some ours the city started to feel the panic of the dead. T-Virus begun to infect the entire population of the city, turning people into something that are not dead or alive.
Various groups of survivors roam the city, until one of these groups faces Alice. Together, they survived the horrors of Racoon City and got free of the nuclear explosion, with a small cost: Alice life.
Isaacs helped Alice to stay her alive. They thought that they eliminated the virus, but they didn’t.
After some days the infection started to appear again, in weeks the eatery United States was infected, in 5 years the World.


You will be able to play as some Resident Evil characters like Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, Carlos Olivera (movie), and so on. And see some Resident Evil game-play elements like Zombies, Monsters, B.O.W experiments converting GTA San Andreas in an Arcade Horror Total Conversion called BioHazard Alert.

BioHazard Alert will also contain a lot of gameplay features, like Badly Hurt system as in Resident Evil series, new visual effects, Lots of bosses and new maps for the “Chapters” of the game.

We feature lot of Weapons from Resident Evil 4 game such as the Blacktail, Grenades, and so on.

Blacktail Broken Butterfly Shotgun TMP Chicago Typewriter

As well as some classic melee weapons such as Crowbars, Fireaxes, and so on.


We will use a complete new storyline for the mod, based in Resident Evil series of course. Where you will find New Scenarios and Maps where you can find usefull objects to complete puzzles like in Resident Evil series.


You will find lots of zombies and monsters. You will also be able to search for survivors so you can resist more against zombies and take care of them so they don’t die in combat.

This mod dosn't Work with San Andreas Version 2.00. Why? Check here:

Beta 0.5 Includes a Fix Patch, if you dont know how to install it follow this tutorial:

Web Site: Biohazardalert.comfor News/Media/Downloads

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