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Author: The Viper Project Modding Team


*Dodge Viper RT-10 transforms into the VIPER Defender.
*Dodge Viper SRT-10 transforms into the VIPER Avenger.
*Defender and Avenger capable of missile launch, machine gun, and air boost to get over walls.
*Prototype A-76 Pursuit Vehicle can transform into disguise mode, fire rear-mounted rockets, flame-thrower, smoke screen, and more!

*Other surprises are included!

*Project: Avenger (Mission)

A simple mission that can be performed at any time. Players type in
"rocketman" to gain a jet pack and fly to a cargo ship at Easter basin
military base (has been renamed A-Project Research Labs in the mod) and
board the ship, on the upper cargo storage deck it the Viper Avenger,
the objective is to steal it, and get it back to Verdant Meadows(renamed VIPER Project HQ for the
mod) , but if players stick around in San Fierro (renamed San Fransisco) they will be
chased by unarmed Prototype A-76's. And then they can keep it (do not try to store it, game will crash on some computers, this cannot be fixed unfortunately) A Viper Avenger
is always available on the ship and at the VIPER Project HQ.

The Mod will be full of little surprises, and more to come in later versions! (but do not expect them any time soon :D )

5dmc1 and The VIPER Project Modding Team

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