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Guild Wars Nightfall will continue the tradition of inviting players to immerse themselves in an epic storyline centered in a vibrant fantasy setting, build personalised characters, compete in head-to-head battles with players from around the world, and find adventure in missions and quests, in a Guild Wars game unlike any player have seen before.

Available on: PC PC Rank: 1034 / 5,981  | Overall Rank: 1037 / 14,370

Game tags: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Third-Person, Massively Multiplayer Online, Low Blood, Ancient Times

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Guild Wars Nightfall Screenshot
Guild Wars Nightfall Screenshot


ArenaNet "want to support" original Guild Wars commun... (1)
With Guild Wars 2 out the free-to-play door, and with all that Living World fanciness, you'd expect ArenaNet to more-or-less dropkick the original Guild Wars to curb in the name of progress, but not so.

Guild Wars "runs on a fraction" of the hardware muscle needed for its successor, and the community is "really passionate and really thriving" still on the original MMORPG. They keep an eye on things.
Posted: 16.07.2013 by Technet2k
NCsoft 'worried' MMO mass market "equals conservative... (1)
More is better, yes? Well, no, NCsoft's Jeremy Gaffney of Carbine Studios 'worries' that a MMO mass market will actually scare studios into conformity.

He said the "great thing" about early day MMOs like Asheron's Call and Ultima Online was that they "experimented" and "weren't afraid" of their differences.
Posted: 05.08.2011 by Technet2k
ArenaNet: An "active player base" will keep Guild War... (0)
Despite launching Guild Wars 2, developer ArenaNet will keep the doors open for the original free-to-play Guild Wars as long as there's "an active player base."

They can see a lot of gamers "keeping both" as neither require "active cost to maintain" player accounts. Guild Wars is a "very cost effective" game to support.
Posted: 02.08.2011 by Technet2k
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