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I said that de_dystopia_revisited would be my last map, but I just couldn't bare and scrap all the ideas I still had, so I made this map.

I put a lot of work into this one, from designing to actual making of the brushwork and models, but also wanting to make it unique in it's looks by combining realism and surrealism in one big bundle. Also, gameplay is a big factor in this one. My previous submissions were not made to play as well as they looked, but this one is an exception (might not be the best but I gave it my all, there should be no lagg). I built it in a new manner then my previous ones and a lot of that comes from timmycakes when he recreated my de_dystopia_revisited map. Also, I had help from shash7 and my fellows from SC-Studio when I ran into some problems with the design and needed help in solving them. ro0bO also gave his all on the models of his Im using.

All in all, this is my hardest work yet, and I would be glad if you would leave your opinions about it, and tell me if there are bugs in it, and of course, enjoy playing it :)


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